Buying and selling

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Buying and selling

Post by xring3 »

It seems to me the same person when looking at a rifle will approach it in 2 different ways. If they are the buyer they will point out every scratch and ding to berate it to the seller. If they are the seller of the same rifle they will extoll the historic significance of every scratch and ding.

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Re: Buying and selling

Post by vandle »

so true
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Re: Buying and selling

Post by hardcore »

i am a great buyer, terrible seller.

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Re: Buying and selling

Post by 72 usmc »

Anytime you want to sell stuff, its junk ( you are lucky if you get 50 % of value) , but if you want to buy -- it's gold. Take a rifle to a dealer, pawn shop,
or antique store and see what they offer. :violin: :violin: :violin: It has to generally be person to person trade/sale at a price where the seller is not getting a top nuts price, nor the buyer getting it dirt cheep. Sort of a better deal to both. Seller gets a better price than a dealer would offer and the buyer getting it cheeper than a store/dealer price. I found it is best just to pass stuff on free or in trade to friends-- you can not take it with you.
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Re: Buying and selling

Post by Reverend Mauser »

It's crucial to know the gun involved, as well as the "going rate."

Also, it helps to know the profit margin a dealer will be likely to get if he takes the gun in on a trade.

Something I've noticed from prowling around gun shows: I sometimes put a rifle on my shoulder just to see what someone in the crowds offer. More than once, I've had a dealer ask about the gun, and nod in approval the price I was looking to get. They know a fair and reasonable price.

This is a good for negotiations. The two of you have already reached an agreement about the gun's fair value. You can ask what he might offer if you do decide to get rid of the gun, and see what others might offer as well.

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