Just found out William J Ricca has closed up shop.

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Just found out William J Ricca has closed up shop.

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For those new to collecting William J Riica was a long time dealer in military surplus. And an expert on zU S parts and the weapons they went in.
He had a great wed site, text heavy full of information.
It seems he has been in poor health the last couple of years and decided to close shop and sell out as he was afraid his wife would not get what it's worth later.
Below is a link to everything I have learned. I have no other information.
I used to read his ads in SGN every issue it was in. Great stuff.
I actually only had one occasion to order from him.
It was back in 1994 and clinton was ramping up his awb.
I had recently gotten my M1 carbine and most places were either out of mags or had jacked their prices.
But not Bill Ricca. I called to order some 15 round mags but was told they would only sell mags when a ordered with some other product. Which was Great as I also needed a sling, oiler and "stock" pouch and ordered those as well..
I still have not only the mags, sling etc but the box he shipped them in.
Sling etc. Went on the carbine as well as a couple mags. The rest are around for when needed.

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