A brief shift in paradigm

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A brief shift in paradigm

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I've lived in the Kansas City area all my life. The paradigm for local cuisine has been barbecue for as long as I can remember. If it's moving less than three miles per hour around here, it's at risk of being thrown in the smoker and slathered with sauce. Whether it's in a sandwich or just a plate of meat or beans, barbecue is king.

Nevertheless, many years ago I was in Philadelphia for some training on a sales tax program my company had purchased. During a lunch break I happened to have Philly Cheesesteak. At that moment I completely forgot about KC barbecue. I don't know what MOJO they put into the thing but it was everything a sandwich should be. The meat was juicy and delicious with the cheese melted throughout. I'm pretty sure it had onions but I don't recall if it had peppers. It probably contained my sat-fat allocation for about a year an a half.

Philadelphia is the only place I've found that can pull it off that well. Lot's of restaurants around here have them on the menu but they just don't quite get it right. So no matter what your experience has been in other cities, if you are ever in Philadelphia do what I plan to do the next time I'm there ... Ask the locals where to get a cheesesteak, take an extra dose of cholesterol medication, pocket a couple of arterial stents, grab your defibrillator and track down the top two. It will change your life.

Now I have to start thinking barbecue again.

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Re: A brief shift in paradigm

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About 25 years ago, I saw a Philly Cheese-stake sandwich on the TV.. right then I knew why God had put me on this Earth... So I would consume such a thing... The dripping cheese, the whiz, The gooey mess.. Had one shortly after that and knew this was my favorite sandwich,, Then again a good Oyster Poor-boy..., :)

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