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Today's Cincinnati Shooting

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Today's Cincinnati Shooting

#1 Post by vonalt » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:43 pm

I use to work across the street from the 5/3 Bank Building on Fountain Square in Cincinnati where today's shooting took place. Took lunch lots of times in places that were in the lobby of the 5/3 tower. So I know the area pretty well. This is the first time a mass shooting hit so close to home. I do have to commend Cincinnati police for being on the scene so quickly. It could have been a lot worse. When I worked on the Square I got to know the cop who walked the beat on the square back then. He wouldn't allow any funny stuff to happen on his turf. HS kids playing hooky from school he would stop them give them a talking to and wrote their names down in his little notebook he always carried in his shirt pocket. His parting words were always " I got my eyes on you ". When he was on duty things were real quiet. Hope the city kept up the foot patrols on the square, its the center of the business district and the place where all the visitors come to when they visit. Too bad something like this happened there.

just looked on the street view from Google maps, shootings were 100 ft or less from where my office use to be.

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