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Recover old board posts?

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:36 pm
by Dorian_Grey
Over the years I posted a lot of how-to's on Surplusrifleforum, and I was really disappointed to learn they were all gone. Someone mentioned to me recently that old defunct websites, old tweets, and past forum posts can sometimes be accessed through snapshots taken by using programs like "Way Back Machine" but I'm not very saavy on such things. I did some playing around and I'm able to access the old forum. Check these out... ... d9a51537a5 ... 8c9c58be49

So my question now is this...any way to capture the old forum posts and put some or all of them back in the new board?


Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:31 pm
by ffuries
Dorian_Grey wrote:
Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:36 pm
Over the years I posted a lot of how-to's on Surplusrifleforum, and I was really disappointed to learn they were all gone. Someone mentioned to me recently that old defunct websites, old tweets, and past forum posts can sometimes be accessed through snapshots taken by using programs like "Way Back Machine" but I'm not very saavy on such things. I did some playing around and I'm able to access the old forum. Check these out... ... d9a51537a5 ... 8c9c58be49

So my question now is this...any way to capture the old forum posts and put some or all of them back in the new board?

Get with 72 USMC he's been doing some of that, he might be able to tell you the process.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:29 am
by 72 usmc
As of 4 June 2020 the forum switched to new format and all photos have been lost. Links work. However, two pages have been saved on the WAYBACK MACHINE and remain intact at that location. I will attempt to restore this post since so many use it. Each page can be searched out by its URL and is intact on the Wayback . Each page has to be searched by its individual URL

Just use the Wayback Machine. link
If a post was saved by the author or a member that thought it important enough to save- it is archived.
Copy the SRF page "URL" and paste it into the Wayback Machine search/browse box. Hit search button and you will see new page with a year bar on the top and a calendar for that year appearing below the bar. Select the year and the calendar shows a highlighted circle for the correct save day on the calendar. Click on the highlighted circle and you see a box with Date snapshot and blue code . Click again on the blue code. All pictures & information in the post are present & intact.

With time most of my forum pictures will be restored. Direct links below.

Wayback machine saves with all photos intact.
Page 1 ... =79&t=2203
page 2 ... =79&t=2203
page 3 not saved lost. Modified & complete 10 June 2020

You can copy the former old SRF post and place a link to the cloud, or copy them and add, or just rebuild/rewrite direct. The biggest problem is if the original contributors did not post pictures directly into the forum, (most used photo bucket as a hosting agent) all the pictures are gone from the old SRF post. The Wayback machine photos linked to photo bucket are LOST and Missing ---they were not saved. If you use a hosting agent those pics can be lost real easy when the host goes down or your account is froze or ended. The pics disappear. WITH ANY NEW POST IT IS BEST TO POST PHOTOS THROUGH THE FORUM> Now some of the original authors may/do have the photo files from 10-12 years ago on the home computer and can rebuild their original post. They just have to take hours to relocate and find the photos then add them into the new forum. But this takes time. Most of the comments with photo bucket pictures no longer have photos so the comment posts are useless. You have to space the photos around the writing and have a limit of 5, then end and continue the written description and next 5 photos in a reply till your new post is complete. Using a hosting secondary agent is different. But you open yourself up to photo loss.

Now your old significant posts worthy of a re post to the new forum that still have photos can be redone lacking most of the useless one line comments or comments lacking the pictures. You will not be able to restore another persons lost photos unless they have them on a computer file and give them to you. Also all posts that are saved on the wayback machine generally only have the first couple of pages that actually work. This depends on the capture day of the old post you are looking at. Not all posts work for some reason.

What is really needed is a tutorial on posting photos, update (As of Oct 2019 I added a tutorial on how to post a photo -it is shown on page 2) and the "HOW TO" of the effort & methods to recreate the really important informative great posts as stickies. Currently Zeliard has spent a year restoring the old SRF stickies. Most with all photos; but a good many are redone with photos missing. This is in the hope other readers may have the photos or rebuild there former great old post. But Zeliards redone stickies end up way toward the bottom of all the new posts. Most do not even know where to look for these. THERE IS NO STICKY OR REFERENCE SECTION on the new forum. The stickies should be in a section in front or above the new posts so readers can find the old significant posts. ( update; recently, Mods have corrected this also.There are some stickies at the top of each section.)

Zeliard is the expert at finding and reposting former posts. He should write a tutorial about restoration of the old greats. The big problem is it can take a day of computer time to get a new post running. I found it best to put the old out dated SFR post on the cloud and link to it( but they are so out of date with missing info. it's difficult to read), but then I also re edit or re write the same old posts that I think are significant. Also all the old links and reference links will not work. So any of those must be reentered and re found on line. You will also note, all of the SRF forums old posts , references, and links that had photo bucket photos no longer have the photos. All sites-- eBay, auctions, or reference links have suffered from the pay to post move of the former, free photo bucket image posting. For 10-12 years they allowed free images- that has stopped.

IF YOU RE-DO A POST ALWAYS POST YOUR PHOTOS DIRECTLY INTO THE FORUM so they stay put on the wayback saves. That only allows 5 pictures per post so you have to keep adding a reply to post all your photos using the direct forum method. It helps to have a new updated computer system. If you have an old computer it may not allow easy posting of photos with the new format.

So it really takes hours and weeks to redo just some of the old greats. Lots of the former members are gone, some do not want there old data recreated- they have moved to other forums and are glad their info. is lost. If you have time, redo your old significant posts. There is no simple way to repost thousands of posts because the current owners were not allowed to the rights of the old material from the old host, and now most of the photos have been lost due to photo bucket cut off of free posting. While gunboards has all their last 13 years of posts ,approximately 70 % of the pictures are gone. The new thing on most forums is that you have to be a member to view the photo, or see a full size photo. Not as user friendly as this forum.

So not to get to specific,with a Mac you can drag any on line photo onto your desk top or file from any intact old post, then copy each written descriptive post and re post it as a new post in the new forum. Just that you have to think about how many posts and replies will be needed to repost all the pictures where needed with a limit of 5 per post/reply. Then clean it up, and provide correct authors/references then add up to 5 pictures per post into the descriptive narrative.

This is an example where it was rewritten combining some of my old posts ... =13&t=1911

I wrote my new post out completely, In a second file I put all the required photos and then numbered all the photos in the photo file and utilized the same photo number in thee text so I knew where to put them. Then I added section/reply by section/reply, mainly dictated by the 5 photo limit per reply. The text is broke up into new replies with the additional information and its 5 additional photos per reply. This process of adding text & photos in each new reply went on and on till I had the completely posted all of the text & all of the photos. It took 2 hours just to post the essay/message shown in the example. This was written out on a text file and all photo insert spots were numbered ahead of time within the text. I had a second file containing all of the required photos. Then I inserted the text and added the 5 required photos within the text. I just cut and pasted reply sections as needed, then added the photos. When I met the 5 photo limit, I just posted that completed section and went on with my text & photos in the next reply. These 2 files were all completed way ahead of time---IT took 2 hrs to just to add all the posts and photos.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:04 am
by 72 usmc
See the older posts that have moved to the last pages about the posts talking about the start up of this new forum. Stickies are hid here too :think: :snooty: :doh:

intro ... ?f=5&t=118

what happen

old topics lost ... f=79&t=210

SRF achieve active link & Cloud info ... f=79&t=402

post a photo ... ?f=79&t=66 ... =79&t=1395

Frequently asked question

What really rubs me the wrong way is some forum reference libraries limit access to there material to members only or only a specific number of views per new guest. So to keep certain links active I have to periodically sign into specific forums so the links always work. Others do not allow access to guests-members only , those I don not use. ALWAYS PROVIDE A REFERENCE TO THE SOURCE.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:50 am
by 72 usmc
Here is an example of some of the problems:

Restoring my 91/30 Ex-sniper back to its sniper rifle configuration turned out to be a lot more difficult than I expected, but a lot less difficult than I had heard it might be. I started out with the intention of photographing all the steps and posting a "how to" here on the forums. As the job progressed I came to realize that every rifle will be different and will require a "custom" approach. Some rifles will have a paper thin weld over the screws which are relatively easy to get out. Others (like mine) will have deep welds which temper the steel making it diamond hard. You never know what you have until you start drilling. Some mounts will have screw holes that match the rifles mount holes, others will be higher, lower, or farther apart than those on the rifle creating for more "issues"

I decided to go ahead and post the photos and write a few comments in the hope that it will help someone else. As far as instructions on "how to do it"... there are too many variables. I was lucky in one respect. The steel reproduction mount I have had the holes drilled exactly matching the rifles mount holes. I checked this by measuring with a digital caliper and by placing a piece of paper in the receiver and doing a pencil "rubbing". I used the digital caliper with a rubber band on the outer jaws to clamp it in place on the receiver. This allowed me to see and mark the approximate location where the center of the screw should be on the outside of the receiver. I drilled from the inside using a $49 Harbor Freight Tools drill press and a small diameter bit. It exited almost exactly where I had marked. You can then work the hole from the outside to see if the weld is thin and can be broken. I used a dremel tool and stone bit for this.

Once I realized how extremely deep the weld was I decide to simply drill through the pilot hole with the correct 6mm bit and forget about trying to back out the screw. Once this was complete (took me 9 hours up to this point) I tapped the hole, installed the mount and used the mount as a template to drill the second screw hole. Again, the welds on mine were so deep it was pretty much like drilling brand new holes. I proceeded without regard to the old screws. Since the mount base holes matched the receiver so well, the second hole ended up being exactly in line with the original. I tapped the second hole and everything bolted together securely. I will drill the 2 holes for the locator pins at a later date. The drill bit was dulled in short order due the the hardness of the welds and the high strength screws that had been used. I had to sharpen it 8 times (by hand!) during the project. I'll drill the other 2 when I get a new drill bit.

For text and photos on drilling and tapping, see this post on my 24/47 sniper project...


and this post on my 91/30 PE sniper project...


And my PEM ex-sniper project... viewtopic.php?f=185&t=124168&p=918472#p918472


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This is a copy and paste from your post on WAYBACK. Note pics do not show up in a copy.
Now on the Wayback machine link for this link about a sniper rifle your active links you posted as reference no longer work. You have to research to find them again. Also the pictures are visible, but too small and no longer enlarge so it can not be transferred as a full size photo. You see some of the problems. You can save the typed in written description and copy and paste , but you need the full size photos to drag to the desk top or take a screen picture. ON THE WAYBACK SAVE All internal links are dead. All photo enlarging is dead.

Here is an example of a screen shot of the small photos that no longer enlarge. On a mac: command , shift, and 4,push all at the same time-let go and it snaps a screen photo that shows up on the desk top of your computer. This works great with normal size photos if the originals are lost.
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.06.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.06.01 AM.png (410.53 KiB) Viewed 378 times
Kind of useless because they are so small, but one way to save them if you do not have the original on your home computer files. If these were formally saved on photo bucket you would see this
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.06.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.06.13 AM.png (73.75 KiB) Viewed 381 times
or you see a small, tiny blue box with a question mark in it. Also this statement "This page not found"
If a photo was saved on Imgru and your account goes dead or you remove the photo the reader will see this warning: see below
k57NK.png (7.21 KiB) Viewed 379 times

and they would be gone unless you pay photo bucket a yearly fee to post your old photo bucket files. Now photo bucket still maintains the old photos and you can go to photo bucket and download the old photos to your desk top. That is one way to get photos that were on the bucket back to repost. See photo bucket to down load. I think I covered this in an old post about posting photos when the forum started up again.

Remember if the photos are on your computer and it dies everything on the computer is lost--that is why most saved their photos on free photobucket. They were there but you now got to pay a yearly fee to use them.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:34 am
by 72 usmc
Always if you see a post you like with great reference material and photos__PRINT IT OUT You will always have it.
Paper works. That is the only way some of the old posts are still in my library.
Think the value of paper

If you are old and not up on computers just find a high school kid and he or she can show you all sorts of tricks or help you copy stuff. Most have all new computers and gadgets. The problem they go so fast its hard to catch onto what they are doing. But if they have to change a tire, fix a light switch, change out a fuse or something in the real world they are lost.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:12 am
by 72 usmc

From what I remember started around May 2000 by Jamie Magnum as a home grown web site, it was a very popular early forum around 2002 with emphasis on Surplus Military firearms. It ran from 2000-2006. Give or take??? :think: It had copyrighted assembly and disassembly instructions and some key articles that by 2003 appeared on the left side of the forums first page. The owner got ill and by 30 March 2007 it was shut down. A few years prior to its shut down Mr Mangrum produced CDs that had all his copyrighted materials from 2002 -2006. The online store closed 25 Dec 2006, and then at some later date Tennessee Gun Parts sold off the remaining CDs for a short time. I remember Jamie mangum's early 2004 article on "Selecting Your First Military Surplus Rifle or Carbine". Jamie posted his good by:
By Jamie Mangrum

I have pondered for the past month as to how I would put my thoughts down on this matter in an article. I started writing mentally while lying in a hospital bed over a period of thirteen days. I had a lot of time to think. The question? How do you close the door on something you have enjoyed and loved for the past five years? has become something much larger than I ever thought it would. It has become a large resource of information, a community, and a business. The last part is what drives my decision. has become a business. A necessary business that pays the bills for all three sites. We now average between 50k and 70k visitors per day and those visitors read and download a lot of megabytes. The main site is so large and now has so much daily traffic that we cannot be on anything but a commercial server with unlimited bandwidth. Please let me state at this juncture that I do not want anyone to contribute money to me to keep the site up and running. If you respect me and wish to honor me then please honor my wishes. I appreciate any concern and thoughts to this end but my mind is made up.
The three sites have become a monster that eats my wife's and my time every single day. Some days for an hour, some days for four to eight hours. What is sad to me is that I have not had the time or energy to write and publish my own work in over three months. The business of the site consumes all of my free time. It may be selfish but writing is the sole reason I got into this venture to begin with. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.
I started a new and very demanding day job this year and I knew that some day I would have to make a decision between the site and my job. The problem is the decision came too soon because now there is a new variable in the mix. I have cancer. It started as a more treatable form of cancer that we thought we had caught in time and later learned that it had spread and spread quickly. Since then I have had three major surgeries and have gone through hell (s) that I would not wish on my most dire enemy. I now face chemo therapy and even now they tell me I am facing a 70% survival rate. My mind is true and hopefully soon my body will be also. I really do not want to elaborate on this anymore.
I would like to take a moment and thank my wife Donna. If it were not for Donna would have ceased to exist some time ago. Donna tirelessly pays the bills, fills orders for CD-ROMS and Manuals, prints and binds manuals, burns CD-ROMs, handles all shipping and receiving, and while I have been sick she even attempted to answer your emails. Sometimes as men we take our spouses for granted. I am guilty of this and am ashamed. She does not even like firearms. She has done all of this because she loves me and knew that the site was important to me. I owe here a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to pay. Oddly enough if you are reading this or have used information on the site...then so do you.
I have made the decision to shutdown on March 30th, 2007. I picked this date because it was the last date I was contractually bound to any of the sponsors. I am grateful to the sponsors that have supported over the past five years. Some have become friends that I will count as friends for the rest of my life. Thank you all. John Huber and Tim Jones thank you both for all of the support. John you are a generous and kind man. You were both there from the beginning and stuck with me till the end.
When the site shuts down the content will no longer be available online. This is why I created the BIG CD-ROM II. I wanted folks to be able to have a complete version of the site even though the site is no longer in existence. Basically if you have the BIG CD-ROM I and II you have very single book, article, manual, and video we ever published on two CD-ROMS. I am working on a deal that will allow the CD-ROMS and manuals to be published and sold by Tennessee Gun Parts after the site shuts down. I will let you know how this proceeds.
I knew I was sick when we had the California shoot. The shoot was more special to me than you could have ever imagined. It was my way of meeting a lot of you for the first and last time. Thank you all who came. I really enjoyed myself and all of you. Randall, Paul, and Ralph thank you for helping me pull it off. I really appreciate it.
The friends I have made with have been my greatest reward. There are so many that I cannot name them all. I wish to thank Mark and Ted for all of the articles they have submitted over the years and for being there for me to share ideas, jokes, and general complaining in email and on the phone. You are my friends and I thank you for that. I wish to thank my moderators who have made the forum and chat room one of the most civil places on the internet to share ideas and discuss military firearms. Thank you all.
Don, thank you for being a friend to and myself. You have been very patient with me over the years and have supplied most of the fine rifles and pistols we used on the site. Thank you very much.
I am not going anywhere. Mark, Ted, and I are starting a new website that will have articles on firearms in general. It will cover military firearms which is our first and foremost love but it will also cover firearms in general ranging from new commercial to what ever we want to write about on the subject of firearms. The new site will not have sponsors and will not sell anything. It will cost almost nothing to run and will afford me time to write and publish articles again. I will publish the URL address on to the new site when it is ready to launch. We already have at least half a dozen articles in the hopper for the unveiling that all readers of will enjoy.
Five years is a long time for a home grown web site to run. I have had a lot of fun and I hope you have too. Please know this was not an easy decision to make or article to write. Since my illness I have really turned into a girl when it comes to my emotions. I had better end this article so I don't break down.
By Jamie Mangrum

The new revised forum called started around 4 Aug.2006 with a new name and header, but the assembly & disassembly instructions were gone.The new one had a green top with an SKS and the title " Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle ---SURPLUSRIFLFORUM". I first joined 4 Aug 2006. The old information from (the copyrighted material) are archived on the Wayback Machine as early as 3 Feb 2003. The good info is on the CDs that are now out of print. was also huge and had as many as 28,519 members prior to the Great Extinction of this forum on 26 or 27 July 2017. All info., stickies, posts, and pictures were gone due to the single owners access to the old host being lost. I believe with the efforts of some of the old mods and Ericfate the current was restarted by elricfate on 2 June 2017. Here is the introduction of the 2 June 2017 Rebirth of this forum:
by elricfate » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:34 pm

Good afternoon everyone

For those who don't know me, let me give you a brief rundown and reason behind my work in bringing this forum back.

A couple things about myself -- I worked in IT doing technical support for over a decade, I've run an IRC server and later a network, I've run several websites, I've been a moderator on a lot of forums and I'm inclined to enjoy shooting. Right this moment I work in data analytics, I'm an active moderator on a handful of forums, I'm an active channel op on a handful of IRC servers/channels and bringing back SRF was a work of love for me.

I started at SRF in 2006, I joined because a friend on an IRC channel said "Hey, you like to shoot and whatnot, go join this forum" -- I did it because, ultimately, my first rifle was a Mosin M38 from AIM Surplus and I wanted to show it off. Since then I met a lot of the staff and a lot of the members at a couple Schutzenfests, did a lot of exploring the forums, etc. I was approached to be a mod some years ago and I agreed to help out, what I was told is that they wanted someone familiar with computers to run a Computer Problems subforum, that's where some of you might recognize me, but I was a global moderator on the forums so I went here and there cleaning up messes in quiet.

Fast forward to March of this year, I found out that the domain for SRF was expiring. No one else was taking the reins so I reached out to the owner of the domain and asked if we could have it back. He quietly transferred it to me and I registered it for a number of years forward. Then May rolled around and we lost contact with Jonesboy, still not sure where is or what has happened... but I digress. The forum went into a nosedive because the host shut off access of the site. I tried every way I could to take it over so I could just pay on it and get the site back up but they would not budge and would not allow me access.

Since I owned the domain, I went ahead and made a new SRF. That's what you see here. We don't know if we'll ever truly get access to the old site's database or not, but we have this one now and I'm doing everything in my power to make sure we keep it. Even if I'm not active in day to day after this initial setup period, I am leaving you all in good hands and will always be available if something were to happen that requires my attention. had a few crashes; the biggest around 2010 when a few days of posts disappeared and then the Great Extinction 2017. All membership info was lost and everyone had to reregister. All the old posts ( 2006-2017) are saved on The Wayback Machine. To find something you have to center in on what date or month it was originally posted to find it. While the old posts are archived as you select a capture day of archived posts, it only seems to save information around that day for a few pages. If you attempt to look back on that archived day by 5-7 pages it indicates the post was not saved. Actually the old post may still be saved, but you just have to get to a closer capture date on the Wayback Machine of the post to actually find it.

Now due to the Photobucket switch to pay as you post; after 10 years of allowing free picture posting, that was stopped. As a result, most photos not saved & posted by the direct forum method are lost. All photos archived on Photobucket and posted direct through Photobucket which was easier than the forum direct method are gone unless the original poster has paid a yearly fee and Photobucket allows posting of the old/all photos. If you pay the yearly Photobucket fee, then the photos show up in the old Wayback Machine saves. Most photos about 60-70 % are gone making some of the old posts useless due to so many missing photos. Any non forum method posted photos-those posted through another host were lost in the Wayback Machine saves. I think most of us thought they would be saved, but this was not the case. So while I original started posting in 4 Aug 2006, all my pictures are gone in the Wayback saves. Photobucket still maintains your old archive, and you can download your photos back onto your computer. Hence some of the old members that still have files with photos are redoing their lost posts. So here is my two cents worth of forum history :lol: :roll:

So in the Wayback Machine: you have old posts from (2003-2006) and then (2006 -2017). Some of us are also saving posts on the Wayback Machine from the post Extinction- our new posts with all photos saved by the forum direct method that limits one to 5 photos per post/reply.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:12 pm
by 72 usmc
Here is a link to the Wayback machine

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:00 pm
by 72 usmc
You can use the link to archive a special post of yours that you want to save just a single post. See the lower right corner for saving a post.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:18 am
by Pauljbk
I tried finding a couple of my old posts and couldn't find them, I guess they're too old I guess.

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:39 pm
by 72 usmc
Did you ever save the post on the Wayback? Did someone else save your post on Wayback? If not, it most likely was not saved. It helps to be in the year and month of the post you are looking for. There is a calendar above and click on the lines to move to different times.

See example picture for year and red line capture dates. It also lists/shows to the left side the number of capture for given posts since others may have saved your info. Black lines are capture dates with in a year, the red line is the specific capture time you are looking at/reading. You have to search by year and captures indicated by all the black lines, then select a black line by clicking on it and search the forum capture--the date you are on will turn red. So it helps to know the year and month. Blue arrows move to different years. The black box with April , 1, 2016 indicates the capture date you are viewing. It is very time consuming. Always save any significant reference post that you wrote that is a significant contribution to the knowledge base of the forum on the Wayback Machine so it will be saved as well as its pictures that have been posted through the forum.
example this enlarges if clicked on.
Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.37.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.37.32 PM.png (40.66 KiB) Viewed 376 times
here is a link the Wayback Machine captures that takes you back to 2006:
view ... /index.php

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:05 pm
by EdHoffer
All the members old, new and future really appreciate any efforts by anyone to help regain posts and historical knowledge.

Some say that social media will replace "forums", well for general chit chat maybe, for perhaps discussion perhaps but look at it in the long run; if we don't find a way to preserve the legacy of our old firearms, as books go out of print, as the old timer pass to the 1000 yard range ... that knowledge is gone probably forever.

We also need the techie help to make sure our forum is always kept up to date and ALWAYS backed up, even redundantly. I'm making this post a STiCKY, it's highly pertinent, educational and hopefully will be used by all who have the time and love for passing this information on to the next generation.

Thanks; Ed

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:02 am
by 72 usmc
This link may work depending on computer types and age of the operating system. It is a link to some of the library of information that Mr. Jamie Magum's,, the first original forum had as a list of take down instructions and what it looked like back in 2003/2004. This info and more was on his CDs. The central movie sections fail to play on my old 2003 Mac. However, the far left column marked the "PISTOL & RIFLE SECTIONS", do work, and then after one clicks on a specific firearm, the "HISTORY" info box on a specific pistol or rifle appears, you will then be able to see a far right column called "MAINTENANCE PAGES". The far right maintenance information with take down instructions for the rifle, its bolt, and other facts also function on my older computer. This is a great resource if you did not buy the CD back in the day. You can still view them. :clap: :dance: This is a 1 Oct. 2010 Wayback capture. I have not tried all links; but the 7 I have tested all work in the far left "PISTOL OR RIFLE SECTIONS" column on an older computer. I have to go to the library with their new computers too see what works on an updated system. Remember this is older information and is somewhat dated. ... nloads.asp

You see this:
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.17.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.17.11 PM.png (150.33 KiB) Viewed 375 times
With a new computer, Macs at the library, the central "movie down loads" do not function -they were not saved in the wayback post; however, the lower "ADOBE PDF FILE DOWNLOADS" do work in the main section. While dated, this is nice that they still function because these do not work/view with an older system like my 2003 Mac. They do not come up for view.
The best old information by pistol or rifle type are seen on the left side and these links do work with both new and old computers.
The Pistols take downs include: Pistol Sections
1911 .45 ACP Pistol
C-96 Broomhandle
Colt M 1917 Pistol
CZ Model 52 Pistol
Luger P.08 Pistol
m1895 Nagant Pistol
Nambu Type 14
Pistole 38 (P.38)
Tokarev TT-33 Pistol

The rifle and bolt take downs include: Rifle Sections
Argentine 1891 Rifle
Argentine 1909 Carbine
Arisaka Type 38
Arisaka Type 99
Carcano Model 38
Carcano Model 1891/41
Civil Guard, M1916
CZ BRNO 98/22
Egyptian Hakim
Enfield No. 4
Enfield No. 5 Carbine
Finnish m/28
Finnish m/39
French MAS-36
German Gew 98
German Kar.98AZ & 98a
German Mauser 98k
M38, M44, & 1891/59
Madsen m47
Mosin-Nagant 1891/30
No. 2 Mk IV Trainer
Portuguese 1904/39
Reising Model 60 SMG
Romanian 1969 Trainer
SKS Carbine
Spanish FR8
Spanish M 93 Mauser
Steyr m1895 Carbine
Swedish Mauser m/38
Swedish Mauser m/96
Swiss Model 31 (k31)
Tokarev SVT-40
Turkish Mauser 1903/38
U.S. Krag Carbine
U.S. Krag Rifle
U.S. M14/M1A
U.S. M1 Carbine
U.S. M1 Garand
U.S. Model 03A3
U.S. Model 1903
U.S. Model 1917
Yugo M-48

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:43 pm
by 72 usmc
The lower central section is huge and listed as "ADOBE PDF FILE DOWNLOADS"
these were all done through the efforts of Mr. Jamie Magum's,, on the first original forum back in 2003/2004.
Here is a list of its copyrighted contents:
Adobe PDF File Downloads

New - Targets
Target # 1 JPG Graphic Version
Target # 1 Adobe PDF Version
Target # 2 JPG Graphic Version
Target # 2 Adobe PDF Version Adobe PDF Standard Reloading Log Sheet Adobe PDF Cast Bullet Reloading Log Sheet
Czech BRNO Vz24 Short Rifle
Rifle disassembly-reassembly
Enfield No. 4 Rifle
No. 4 Mk 2 Range Report
No. 4 rifle disassembly and reassembly
No. 4 bolt disassembly and reassembly
FAL Rifle
FAL field disassembly reassembly
Saive Automatique, Fabrique Nationale (SAFN) Model 1949 Range Report
FN-49 Bolt Disassembly & Reassembly
FN-49 Rifle Disassembly & Reassembly
French MAS 36
MAS 36 rifle/bolt disassembly and reassembly
Japanese Arisaka Type 38
Arisaka Type 38 rifle disassembly/reassembly
Arisaka Type 38 bolt disassembly/reassembly
Japanese Arisaka Type 99
Arisaka rifle disassembly/reassembly
Arisaka bolt disassembly/reassembly
Madsen m47 Rifle
Madsen rifle disassembly/reassembly
Madsen bolt disassembly/reassembly
Mauser Rifles
Swedish rifle disassembly/reassembly
Swedish bolt disassembly/reassembly
Scoping the Yugo M-48
Mauser bolt disassembly/reassembly
Mauser 98k disassembly/reassembly
Mauser 98k Ammunition
Mauser 98k History
Mauser 98k Operations
Mauser 98k Specifications
Yugo m48 rifle disassembly/reassembly
Yugo m48 Ammunition
Yugo m48 History
Yugo m48 Operations
Yugo m48 Specifications
Mosin-Nagant Rifles and Carbines
Finnish m/28 Disassembly & Reassembly - ALL NEW 2004
Finnish m/28 Specifications - ALL NEW 2004
Finnish m/28 Operations - ALL NEW 2004
Finnish m/28 History - ALL NEW 2004
Finnish m/28 Ammunition - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin Carbine Disassembly & Reassembly - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin Carbine Specifications - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin Carbine Operations - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin Carbine History - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin Carbine Ammunition - ALL NEW 2004
Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle Disassembly & Reassembly - ALL NEW 2004
Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle History - ALL NEW 2004
Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle Specifications - ALL NEW 2004
Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle Operations - ALL NEW 2004
Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle Ammunition - ALL NEW 2004
Mosin-Nagant bolt disassembly/reassembly - ALL NEW 2004
Nagant m1895 Pistol

m1895 Nagant Pistol disassembly and reassembly
m1895 Nagant Pistol Ammunition
m1895 Nagant Pistol History
m1895 Nagant Pistol Operations
m1895 Nagant Pistol Specifications
Romanian 1969 .22 Trainer
Romanian 1969 Trainer bolt disassembly/reassembly
Swiss K-31

K-31 Rifle disassembly and reassembly
K-31 Bolt disassembly and reassembly
SKS Carbine

Father: The Russian SKS - a Range Report
Quick Detach SKS Side Mounted Scope Mount
Improving the Trigger on the SKS Carbin
SKS - Williams "Firesights"
ATI Fiberforce Stock Install
Install a Windage Adjustable SKS Rear Sight
Removing the grenade sight from the Yugo 59/66
Adjusting the sights on the SKS
SKS disassembly/reassembly
SKS bolt disassembly/reassembly
Cleaning an SKS
Mounting a Scope on the SKS Rifle
Replacement:10 Round Magazine & Rubber Recoil Pad
SMLE rifle disassembly and reassembly
SMLE bolt disassembly and reassembly
Steyr-Mannlicher m95/34 Carbine
Resizing 7.62x54r Brass to 8x56r
m95 disassembly and reassembly
m95 bolt disassembly and reassembly
Tokarev SVT-40
Tokarev SVT-40 disassembly/reassembly
U.S. M14/M1A
M14/M1A Rifle Disassembly and Reassembly
M14/M1A History
M14/M1A Specifications
M14/M1A Ammunition
M14/M1A Operations
U.S. M1 Carbine
M1 Carbine bolt disassembly/reassembly
M1 Carbine disassembly/reassembly
U.S. M1 Garand

M1 Garand bolt disassembly and reassembly
M1 Garand rifle disassembly and reassembly
U.S. Model 03A3

03A3 rifle disassembly/reassembly
03A3 bolt disassembly/reassembly
U.S. Model 1903

1903 rifle disassembly/reassembly
1903 bolt disassembly/reassembly
U.S. Model 1917
Bolt disassembly-reassembly
Rifle disassembly-reassembly

Re: Recover old board posts?

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:51 pm
by vonalt
It is great that these are available out there still on the internet. Just remember to be careful to follow current copyright laws as the copyright of many these articles have changed hands several times and the ownership is somewhat vague. When in doubt it is always best to create a link advising where they can be found versus trying to recover and reposting. This way less stress and easier on the wallet to avoid copyright lawsuits.