Movie: Northern Limit Line

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Movie: Northern Limit Line

Post by Rapidrob »

Bored to tears the other night I went movie surfing and found a movie done by the South Koreans. Yes,South Korea!
In 2002 the North Koreans delibertly "pushed the envelope" of the Northern Limit Line. A place on the map that neither country was to trespass onto.
Two gun boats, a SK armed with two Vulcan 20 MM Maned guns ,a M-60 MG and crew members armed with .223 Daewoo's has a Broadside battle for many miles against a NK gunboat armed with a T-72 Tank turret, Various belt fed guns,AK-47's and a Dragunov Sniper rifle.
The movie is a true story and the bravery of the SK crew has to be seen. The filming and and firing scenes are first rate. The acting is on par with "Saving Private Ryan"
Check out the movie. At the end you get to meet the real sailors who survived the fight. You will see why NK really are the bad guys.
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Re: Movie: Northern Limit Line

Post by ffuries »

Wiki writeup on the incident, had to look it up as I was in Uzbekistan at the time of the incident. So I had other things going on and wasn't paying attention to what was going on outside of where I was. Sounds like an interesting movie, will need to check it out! ... Yeonpyeong
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Re: Movie: Northern Limit Line

Post by DaleH »

It was very good!

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