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100 yard Sniper (open configuration)

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100 yard Sniper (open configuration)

#1 Post by jones0430 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:46 pm

1. Only military surplus rifles may be used. Bolt action or semi-auto. The rifle must have been issued by a military somewhere on the planet. Generally this means anything that's a C&R or antique and is a military rifle.

2.Sniper rifles may be original military scoped or sporterized.

3. All shooting must be done at 100 yard, prone or bench. Slings are allowed.

4.You may submit up to two targets per month, the best score to be your record target.

5. Winner to be announced after the end of July!

Course of Fire: 10 Shots for record on the target at the bottom of this post. You may use a military style sling in "hasty-sling" configuration. You may take unlimited sighters at any target other than your record target from any position.

Please write your forum handle, rifle/load, position, Iron sight or scope, and score on the target.

You only get ONE record target per month, so make sure your shots are good ones. Please annotate the target before you scan it or take a picture of it.


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