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Black Friday Shoot

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Enfield Shooter
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Black Friday Shoot

#1 Post by Enfield Shooter » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:13 pm

As usual, Citizen Swihart held his Black Friday Shoot. Very popular with those of us that avoid the malls like plague on that day. This years' event was held at the Middletown range which is a very inviting place to shoot. Abundant sunshine and temps in the low 50's made for an ideal day with friends and firearms. My 2 band Snider made a lot of smoke and I managed to hit the Earth. I don't know where I hit but that's OK. It was great fun! My K-31 made me look like Sgt York and that was OK with me. I got to shoot Mark's new to him Beaumont which is really cool. Managed to actually hit the paper at 25 yards with my Hi Power. Haven't done that before.
Thank you Mark for a great day out with you, Barton reedman and his brother Brian.
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Re: Black Friday Shoot

#2 Post by SWIHARTMARK » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:30 pm

The weather was exceedingly good this year and the mud was at least frozen for much of the morning and afternoon. It was good to see Enfield Shooter's Remington Rolling Block belch fire. Ah, I almost had one several years ago and it was Danish Remington reportedly chambered in 45/70, but would have, could have's don't count.

My untrusty M1935A pistols homemade cases seemed okay, but the huge 100 grain bullets likely did not fit the chamber okay and she jammed. At least I learned how to disassemble the little French lady, but it did fire 2-3 times before she ran into technical problems, which seem to be a possibly easy fix.

The Beaumont actually hit something and I full length resized the cases before loading. Ah, the next time around she might really get sighted in. I made a neck sizer for 45/70 which should work on her since they use the same bullet. I did find that my homemade black powder compressor worked as designed, er made from scratch with unwritten plans. Lubing the rounds with my bare hands smearing a 50/50 mix of Crisco and beeswax before I sized them was a pure joy that I encourage everybody to experience first hand. Since the cases were not all the same length by a country mile, I'll have to rig up my drill press with a counter bore tool and hold the cases in a V-block lest they fly out of my little lubed up hands. I would guess accuracy will improve tremendously next time around.

The M1 carbine managed to finally out do its longer relatives. I also figured out M1 carbine ammo is so much cheaper per round than full length rifle rounds that is now my favorite "long" rifle. I presently call it my AR-15 with character and charm. Nobody looks at an AR-15 when there is an M1 in the house. This includes the M1 Garand. Its the wood people, its the wood, skip the plastic.

My Ruby functioned fine when she loaded her first round. Skip the 1911 in 9mm and get a WWI Spanish made Ruby in 32 ACP instead. Keep the plastic and aluminum off your pistol and get something hefty in your hands. Remember, the Spanish took all but one safety feature off the Colt 1903 to make their Ruby pistols for the French. Mine has a war time rivet to make sure that safety doesn't go off in the holster. Ah, you can't find character like that in stores any more.

I did fire my 1916 Enfield SMLE with some WOLF made ammo. My first rifle, sold to me by Bart Redmond himself, has no matching wood parts and looks like it has been to the armorer several times. I wouldn't have her any other way. She cycled 20 rounds of the Wolf without a problem and once I dropper her 12" she was hitting paper with every round.

Friday's lesson was to never go shopping on Black Friday and nothing stops a crowd like those old military surplus guns. Keep on collecting, keep on shooting.

Best Regards,


BTW, Since Enfield Shooter can now actually see, I expect him to match my 1911 prowess. I shoot untampered with basic USGI goodness.

Oh, the 43 Beaumont cases have been sonically washed and ready for a trim and a neck sizing already.

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