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Practicing for 385 yard match with Carbines

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:05 pm
by Rapidrob
This month our "Turkey Day" shoot will be at 385 yards for Carbines only. I took four carbines to try out for accuracy and wind bucking abilities The wind was stiff and blowing at 25-30 mph constantly. The air was filled with sand and dust.
I brought my:
Swiss K-11- Handloads M118 pulled 175 grain bullet.
Argy 1891 Engineer Carbine- 175 grain .312 Speer SPFB bullet. I was using a handload recommended for the carbine. I was not impressed with the load and the fired brass shows signs of a weak load. Recoil was very light. I will try the carbine with a stronger load.
Britt Jungle Carbine- Canadian WWII Mk VII surplus ball ammo. Z-powder instead of Cordite.
Swede '94 Carbine.- Handloads. Privi 140 grain bullet FMJ.
Other club members were shooting AR-15 Carbines and SKS.

The turkeys are NRA regulation size and placed on a rail road rail stand or on wood embedded on the impact berm. The wind was on our 8 o'clock and going to push the bullets to the right several feet.
I started with the Argy carbine. It did OK but not great. The sights are a little course for really fine shooting. The bullet was very slow.
The Jungle Carbine did not do well at all. Even though my carbine is like new, it would do no better than hold a 36" circle around the target. The Mk VII surplus ball ammo did not like the wind.
The Swede carbine did well. The bullet bucked the wind well and even with the very close set sights it was easy to hold a tight bead on the target.
The Swiss carbine won hands down. Once the zero was found using my hand loads, the rounds stayed on target well and had no trouble bucking the wind.
All of the carbines I shot were held off target to the left several feet in order to get any hits.
The SKS bullet had a hard time dealing with the wind and was off target by several feet to the right. He was using Wolf 124 grain FMJ ammo.
The AR-15 carbine was using 62 grain FMJ's. The shooter was able to get several hits but the bullet would not knock the target off of the stand.
I will be using the K-11 for the match as the weather will be windy as it always is this time of year.
While we had M-1 Carbines on hand it would have been fruitless to even try them at 385 yards in the high winds.

Re: Practicing for 385 yard match with Carbines

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:46 pm
by ammolab
K11 will do me fine for that match too I reckon...

Until we get to your offhand stage!

Re: Practicing for 385 yard match with Carbines

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:04 pm
by Rapidrob
I took three carbines to the range today. today, 300 meters. Open sights only for all shooters.
We had found the .223 carbines did not knock the turkeys off of the stands 100% of the time no mater what bullet was used at 385 meters so we reduced the range to 300.
A club member used and M70A in .223 with a 10" barrel and a fake can and was able to hit the targets set to 300 meters many times. The bullet was weak enough that he spun one turkey on the 2" wide x 4" long stand CCW,then CW,then back CCW and then the 4TH shot made it fall. While fun to watch,the target must fall to count.
I tried my 5.45x39 AR15 ( not legal in my matches) carbine and it had no trouble knocking the Turkeys off of the stands.
My other AR15 carbine is an old SP1 Colt and with 55 grain bullets and it was a waste of time trying to knock them off of the stands. The bullets just exploded on contact and the target just vibrated according to the spotters.
Green tip 62 grain bullets did knock the target off of the stands every time but they damage the penetrator did to the targets was enough that we will not use these bullets again on the turkey targets.
I had the Swiss K-11 carbine again and it had no problem blowing the turkeys off of the stands with the lighter 150 grain bullets I was using. The Swiss rifles/carbines are hard to beat accuracy wise.
We had Russian M-38 carbines, K-98's as well. No problem with them knocking down targets.
Two M-1 Carbines were there,but the bullets would not knock the targets down,just turn them a little.

Re: Practicing for 385 yard match with Carbines

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:36 pm
Using a Swiss carbine with GP-11 ammo should be banned..... That's just wrong. I cannot even plink with that stuff since the carbine and ammo are too well made for casual shooting. Shame, shame, shame. Got a Swedish M38 carbine? That's should be banned too. Perhaps a Finnish M39? Its not too long. I pity the fool that shoots long range next to you.

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