Ammo Display Help.......

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Ammo Display Help.......

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I'm building an ammo display to show the different rounds the weapons I have are chambered in. Much easier than hunting down an example in the ammo cache or looking online to show them. Some rifles have been factory/arsenal modified/updated to take later rounds. Example the Snider-Enfield, Styer Mannlicher, GEW 88 etc. I'm short 3 examples of cartridges as of now to have one of each round my weapons are or were chambered in. Thank goodness I only have 30 different cartridges to worry about as of right now.

Now with all that BS out of the way, here's my question.

I've got an 1863 dated P1853 Enfield (3 band rifle) later converted to the Snider breech loading system. I've got an original 577 Snider-Enfield cartridge for it, but I also want to display a 577 Enfield Minie' round to show what it was originally chambered for.

My Google-fu has left me utterly confused as to what a period original 577 Minie' would/should look like.

I find some rounds that are smooth, some with grooves, some with a more rounded point while others have a sharper point. Don't know if the variations are due to British made versus American made and or Northern versus Southern made. 

What I'm looking for is a British style 577 Minie' round. Seeing my Enfield was British used not American. 

If anyone can help out with this and explain it to me, I would be sincerely grateful.

Need still:

.577 Enfield (Minie)
8X57 J (8mm Round Nose)
8X50 (8mm original Mannlicher round)

On Hand:

7.62x53 Finnish
7.62X51 NATO
7.7X58 Japanese
7.5x54 French
8mm Mauser
8mm Mannlicher
303 British
12 Gauge
44 Magnum
44 Special
36 Ball
22 Long Rifle
22 Long 
22 Short
6.5X50 Japanese
.577 Snider-Enfield
10.4X38 Swiss
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