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A look inside: Polish 7.62x54 light ball

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A look inside: Polish 7.62x54 light ball

#1 Post by Zeliard » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:07 pm

Originally posted by carteach0.

Note: Unfortunately the images are missing. I've left the placeholders here just in case.

Checking out this old Mil-surp ammo is kinda fun.

Todays victim is Polish light ball 7.62x54. The most favored round of my 91/30's, as shown
by this target:


The ammunition in question has a copper washed steel case with an unmarked
bullet. The head stamp reads 21 and 74, indicating manufacture in Poland
in 1974. It comes in 20 round paper packets in a steel can.




As before I pulled the bullets on a sample number of rounds. In this case, ten.



The powder is a short extruded grain resembling IMR 4831. The powder samples
only contain weights of eight of the cases, due to a small lab accident. (I sneezed).
Powder charge weights caried from 48.5 grains to 49.0 grains, with the majority of
rounds at 48.8 and 48.9 grains. This seemed like decent quality control to me.
The powder appeared fresh to the eye and had a decent odor as well.


The cases, as mentioned, are copper washed steel. I should mention this ammunition
functions flawlessly through my various Mosins, without the slightest hint of
sticky bolt syndrome.

The case weights varied from 149.2 to 154.9, with the bulk between 152 to 153 grains.
The low and high numbers seem to be abberations, with the other eight cases
grouped in weight pretty closely.

The bullets are a a Boat Tailed full metal jacket with an indented base exposing lead.
There is a canalure and the case was lightly crimped in the canalure. Bullet weight varied from
147.4 to 148.9 grains. Bullet weight was evenly spaced across the sample.

Bullet diameter measured between .3100" to .3110", with most right on .3105"

Of special mention is the way the bullets were sealed inside the case neck.
These things are just plain GLUED in!


The force required to pull the bullets varied significantly from one round to the next.
One might pull easily, while the next took two hands of the handle of the
RCBS Ammomaster press (Not a light weight press). I think this bullet retention
variation must have some effect on accuracy, yet the ammunition does shoot
nicely despite it. Might it shoot better if the sealant was removed?

The good news is the sealant wipes off the bullet easily with a rag and some
carb cleaner.



The case necks, on the other hand, might not be recoverable. This stuff
is really slathered on!


All in all, I found the quality control to be impressive for com-block military
ammunition. I am going to use these components to load commercial cases
rather than waste them, but this stuff shoots so well that I won't hesitate
to use it as is. It's never shown me a missfire or a hang fire, and usually shoots
with better accuracy than I can hold.

I want more of this stuff!! I just can't find it.... sigh.

It goes to prove... when you find decent mil-surp ammunition, buy all of it you can.
This particular batch came from 'Jonesboy' in a trade, and he treated me right with it.
I highly recommend both the ammo, and doing business with Jonesboy.
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Re: A look inside: Polish 7.62x54 light ball

#2 Post by ric44 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:23 am

Ive heard the Polish ammo was high quality .

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