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Ammo Display Help

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:01 pm
by ffuries
My wife aka CINC Household has decided she wants to make an ammo display shadow box. She wants to display the rounds all of our weapons take. I have about 2/3''s of what we need on hand but there are a few rounds we are short. Decided to put a "HELP ME" post out there and see if anyone has a round or two from the MIA list to help out.


.557 Snider-Enfield
.557 Enfield (Minie)
10.4X38 Swiss
44 Special
22 Long
22 Short
8X57 J (8mm Round Nose)
8X50 (8mm original Mannlicher round)

On Hand:

7.62x53 Finnish
7.62X51 NATO
7.7X58 Japanese
7.5x54 French
8mm Mauser
8mm Mannlicher
303 British
12 Gauge
44 Magnum
36 Ball
22 LR
6.5X50 Japanese
557-450 Martini Henry

Re: Ammo Display Help

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:35 pm
by nrobertb
I may be able to help with 3, but are you asking for live rounds or dummy rounds?

Re: Ammo Display Help

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:20 pm
by ffuries
Live or dummy rounds, right now I have live rounds for the ones I have. Wife and I are discussing with a reloading buddy the possibility of safing the rounds.

The reason for the display is I have a lot of visitors that ask what the different calibers are similar to. This way they can have a visual reference of what the different caliber rounds look like, for the weapons I own. Heck even my SIL has no ideal what the majority of the rounds look like.

So it makes a great teaching tool/display.

Re: Ammo Display Help

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:03 am
by RWS
FWIW, I'm thinking that any live ammo will have to be shipped to you via UPS or Fed-Ex. My postmaster told me that postal regulations prohibit the shipment of live ammo via USPS. He may be wrong but I doubt it.


Re: Ammo Display Help

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:38 pm
by 72 usmc
Never , never ship ammo by USPS, they even inspect boxes of books. So if they detect a odd package, they open it for inspection and it's bad news for the sender. Heck, I had a book shipped to me in a turned inside out, USPS priority box, but wrapped in brown paper--- it was opened and because the seller was cheep and incorrectly used a USPS priority box I had to pay the priority rate because the seller incorrectly used a priority box to ship a book at the book rate. So they detect stuff. Lots of their cheep priority boxes split open and its rewrapped with USPS tape indicating "open for inspection or damage".

Live/ Loaded ammunition is considered 1.4S Explosives, and can only be shipped ground courier. And must be labeled as such with a special ORD tag you can print out. That is why you always see ammunition with the ORM-D label affixed to the package when it is shipped to you. Generally they do not leave it at the door in cities, it is a deliver in person thing. However, it depends on the driver. Years ago I was out on a dig for the week and the fed ex guy left 10 spam cans of Mosin ammo at the door. It came monday and :snooty: :snooty: sat for a week in 5 wood crates.

UPS and FedEx are the only way to ship and the box must be sent from a main hub not some secondary source. The box has to be a certain size for the correct size ORM-D tag.

Best bet is to get ammo/cartridge specimens at a gun show where ammo collectors set up- postage will kill you.

You can ship,dummy ammo but you best have a note inside for a USPS postal inspector saving it is inert dummy ammo , not LIVE ammunition, and its shipment conforms to USPS regulations in case it comes up on a scan as something questionable. Most postal people do not know dummy ammo from real. It might be a case of 2 dummies in the same room. Better to ship in a metal container so a scan does not show a bullet shape. But always put a visible orange note into the package warning that it is a dummy grenade or ammunition. Best to photodocument the package & tag :shifty: :shifty: prior to shipping unless you want lawyer fees and a postal hazel.
I had boxes of gun parts opened to see if a receiver was being shipped. The USPS places a note or tape saying the box was opened for inspection. Actually it is always best to have the shipping address on the inside with your return address if the outside tag become unreadable on all insured packages who ever you ship with. Too much stuff gets damaged or lost. Those item really get tossed around during shipping. Time is money.