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Korean .30-06 Ammo Warning

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Korean .30-06 Ammo Warning

#1 Post by Zeliard » Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:41 pm

Originally posted by RapidRob.

Several members here,and many more on other sights are having their M-1's and other .30-06 rifles destroyed by bad ammo made in Korea and being sold here as surplus. There have been several injuries as well. The importers don't seen to care about this faulty ammo so I'm posting this as a warning to our members.
If you have FIRSTHAND knowledge of a lot number that has caused problems for you, please let me know and I will add it to the list. One case failing is more than enough to take away your eye sight or destroy your pet rifle.
The ammo that is failing has brittle brass and or dead soft case heads.
The case on some lots are splitting length wise up to the neck! (See the post here at SRF.)
None of the failed cases have had an over charge of powder. None of the rifles have had a slam fire. It IS faulty ammo.
Please feel free to list good lots of ammo.
Even one failure is too many in an M-1 or worse, a FN-49 type rifle.
There are a very bad, dangerous lots of PS headstamps There are also KA Headstamps that are failing. Please pass that lot number along as well. Thank you.
Here is a list of known bad lots. Just because a particular lot isn't listed as bad doesn't
mean it isn't a problem. Please report any lots causing failures to me so I can update the list.
PS2 -033( Bad- one report - unspecified problem, rifle damaged.)
PS 2-035
PS 2-088
PS 2-090
PS 2-093
PS 2-094
PS 2-097
PS 2-098
PS 2-100
PS 2-104 (one positive report based on very few rounds fired)
PS 2-105 (one positive report based on a few hundred rounds)
PS 2-122
PS 2-124
PS 2-127
PS 2-12R
PS 2-135
PS 2-144
PS 2-145
PS 2-146
PS 2-147
PS 2-148
PS 2-149
PS 2-151 (Maybe OK - based on limited information)
PS 2-152 (VERY Bad - numerous reports of ruptured heads!)
PS 2-154 (Some positive reports / negative report [splits] based on sketchy info)
PS 2-155 (Bad - one report of sp1its 2 out of250 rds)
PS 2-156 (Questionable. - there are reports it's fine - one report of splits)
PS 2-157
PS 2-161
PS 2-165
PS 2-169
PS 2-171 (one negative report of blown primers and enlarged primer pocket. Soft brass)
PS 2-173
PS 2-177
PS 2-181
PS 2-183
PS 2-184
PS 2-185 (One negative report ,no details)
PS 2-186
PS 2-187
PS 2-192
PS 2-193 (Poorly stored ammo - some of this lot badly corroded)
PS 2-194
PS 2-195
PS 2-198
PS 2-204
PS 2-205
PS 2-152 (VERY BAD - DANGER - numerous reports of ruptured heads!)
PS 2-154 (VERY BAD - DANGER - multiple negative reports splits and ruptured head)
PS 2-155 (VERY BAD - DANGER - multiple negative reports splits and ruptured head)
PS 2-156 (BAD - multiple reports of serious splits and damaged rifles/shooters)
PS 2-158 (VERY BAD - DANGER - Nasty split cases...all the way to the head of the
case. Do not fire this lot number.)
PS 2-161 (reports of leaking primers, one blown)
PS 2-165 (Bad - multiple reports of leaking primers and one report of serious split case
from mid-case into head, but not through rim)
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Re: Korean .30-06 Ammo Warning

#2 Post by retread12345678 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:15 am

I HAVE some of that stuff and have been getting rid of it in my mocked up M1917 "sniper" No split cases but very sooty and dirty ammo I treat it as corrosive

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Re: Korean .30-06 Ammo Warning

#3 Post by Tuna » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:49 pm

The PS head stamped ammo is not corrosive primed. Now those marked KA are corrosive primed.

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Re: Korean .30-06 Ammo Warning

#4 Post by Hippycrowe » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:46 am

Guys keep buying surplus ammo for what you can buy new M2 Prvi and M2 Seller and bellet.Koean ammo is around 200 bucks for 250 rounds Seller and Bellet is 259 bucks for 400 rounds and is new. I am glad I shot up all my old Ps ammo years ago

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