8mm reloading

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8mm reloading

Post by KySwiss »

I was looking around the web and saw where someone had mentioned that the German mauser liked the heavier bullets, but that the Czech and Yugo mausers like the lighter bullets or 150=170. Has anyone ever heard of this, or know this to be true? Thanks I am getting ready to restart loading for my new yugo and wanted to know.

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Re: 8mm reloading

Post by ammolab »

“Error net” expert advice worth just what you paid for it.
All those Mauser rifles have similar twist rates in all length barrels and they all loaded either 178 or 198gr ball ammunition.

Rifles are like women..they are all individuals and NO One on the internet can tell you what yours will prefer. Buy some bullets and try them in YOUR RIFLE to find the best accuracy.

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Re: 8mm reloading

Post by Triumph6 »

I've been using 150 grain bullets in my yugo because that was all I could find locally. My rifle shoots very well with them. How ever I recently got some 198 grain bullets on line and it shoots even better. I wouldn't say I'm a very good " test bed " for ammo testing but, I can see a difference.

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Re: 8mm reloading

Post by Rapidrob »

As stated above, the two most common military loads were the 150 grain and the 198 grain Spitzer bullet. The rifling twist of the 8x57 M/M Mauser rifles and carbine are the same so any country's firearms should shoot both bullets well.
The condition of the lead,bore and muzzle crown are key factors as to how well your rifle shoots either bullet.
We followed the rest of the world by using the M1 bullet, 175 (+/-) grains and the M2 Ball bullets 150 grain out of our .30-06 firearms.
In both cases the heavier bullets are low drag,long range bullets per se for a verity of reasons . Machine guns, target accuracy, better performance,etc.
When you research the original 8x57 m/m loads you will see they were round nosed and much heavier that even the 198 gain bullets.They may be smaller in diameter as well. ( .318 vs .323)
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Re: 8mm reloading

Post by kraggman »

I use 180 gr Nosler bullets with a light crimp, along with IMR4064 with good results.

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