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Using Lanolin+99% alcohol and wet tumbling

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Using Lanolin+99% alcohol and wet tumbling

#1 Post by Inarus » Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:21 am

Let me share some more knowledge I've recently learned.

I wet tumble and nobody told me (or perhaps I didn't look for) how lanolin would affect my wet tumbling.

Now to share what I learned.

The standard recipe of a small amount of lemishine and dawn are not enough to remove all the lanolin. You'll see in the first picture a slight discoloration of the brass on the left, a slight copper tint. Brass on the right is a modified recipe shared below. Brass on the left was a group of brass tumbled with the the standard recipe after lubing with lanolin.

The second picture is a conparison, in this order. Far left is control. No lanolin, standard recipe, tumbled about two months ago. Still shiny, but a slight tint due to the raw brass oxidizing with the moisture in the air. Second from left is lanolin lubed, standard recipe mixed in hot water. You can see the discoloration. Second from right is the lanolin lubed brass but with three to four times the normal amount of dawn, also mixed in hot water. Furthest to the right is twice the normal amount of lemishine and normal amounts of dawn, in hot water.

The differences are subtle in the picture but it's quite apparent in person.

If you wet tumble and use lanolin you will need to increase the amount of dawn you use. Adding extra dawn removed all lanolin and gave the standard "super shiny" results we expect when we wet tumble.

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Re: Using Lanolin+99% alcohol and wet tumbling

#2 Post by Rapidrob » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:34 am

I can not see any reason what so ever to use lanolin in the wash. It can kill primers if not fully removed. No idea who came up with that one,
Some guys use citric acid in the wash. Dawn works great. One kitchen sized bottle last me six months or more.
I've been wet tumbling solely for 30 years now. A few drops of Dawn and S-Steel tumbling media and after one hour of tumbling they are shiny. A wash in distilled water after removing the soap and they do not spot.( hard water here)
I have not found a dirty brass casing that can not be tumbled clean and shiny with increased time of the tumble. Since the cases are lubed with the soapy water it would take hours and hours of forgotten tumbling to damage the brass. I downloaded a Kitchen Timer app for my phone. This way I cannot forgot to turn the tumbler off.
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Re: Using Lanolin+99% alcohol and wet tumbling

#3 Post by Hippycrowe » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:07 pm

Whats wrong with media tumbling if I can make Grade B Hxp 303 look new it must work

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Re: Using Lanolin+99% alcohol and wet tumbling

#4 Post by Smokey » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:08 am

I use castor oil as a case lube for sizing. It doesn't affect the primers I use. As an experiment, I put a drop right on a primer, seated it in a case; then put a few drops more inside the case. I let it sit for a few weeks. When I tried it the primer fired normally and blew castor oil all over the bore.
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