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A long winded story about a great progressive reloading machine.

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A long winded story about a great progressive reloading machine.

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:56 pm

Decades ago I found an old press on the shelf of a gun shop. I was looking for a progressive loader for pistol calibers. I was hoping to find an old Star. The machine I was looking at was marked CPM. Who made this press? ..."Were not sure. It's a Star knock off...we think. 75 bucks out the door it's been sitting there for years."
I took it to my reloading shop and really eye-balled this machine. All parts were very well machined. The powder dispenser and primer feeder housing were made out of bronze. High wear parts were chrome steel. The press has seven stations. Automatic shell feeder. Automatic primer feeder and seater. The powder dispenser uses powder bushings to measure the powder charge. The dropped charges are better than a 1/10 grain accurate due to the fine machining.
I spent hours figuring out how to adjust the press for bullet seating and crimp. How to change the shell plate and align the primer seater. The company, long gone was a mystery to me and others who reload. It was a few years later when the internet was formed that info could be found. CPM is Clyde Products Manufacturing.
The story is that the owner wanted two Star presses and there was a two year waiting list. He said " I could build a better press".... and he did. But only a few of them compared to Star. They were very expensive. The press is very heavy and is built like a battleship. If this press was sold new today it would be very expensive to buy. Both Star and CPM are first rate Old School presses.
The one I own works very well. Once you learn how to use it properly you can pump out hundreds of loaded rounds an hour. Powder bushings are still made and cheap.
Over the years I have helped others on the web set their presses up and troubleshoot problems. Over on the Star Reloaders web site I found the fellow who makes the powder bushings and even new powder bars, as parts are not out there for these presses. Parts don't break,they get lost over all these decades.
Now jump to this month. I get contacted by a fellow who is representing a very senior citizen who saw my post on helping other owners and how to time the unit,etc.
The older gentleman ran a shooting club for many years until the range was shut down. A sign of the times. He asked me if I wanted the clubs press,another CPM press with several shell plates for other calibers. Just pay the shipping due to the units weight.
The press is on the way. I'll give it a good going over and put it to work ASAP
The press has loaded thousands or rounds for me. Who knows how many in it long life.
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Re: A long winded story about a great progressive reloading machine.

#2 Post by DaleH » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:39 pm

Damn ... one FREE, just for shipping? And who lives better than YOU?

Great story ... and sounds like you deserve having this one to boot, for all the help you’ve given others throughout the years. Nice!

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