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Cast Bullet Source ? from Old site 2016

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Cast Bullet Source ? from Old site 2016

#1 Post by Kevinofborg » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:12 pm

As posted by hylander on the old site on 10/14/2016:

Anyone know a source I could get some Cast Bullets from, as I quit casting awhile back.
Looking for some LEE 150 or 170 flat nose gas checked .310
Or Lyman 173gr. flat nose gas checked

Replied by sowbelle same day:

Do a search on this site as TommyT used to cast and sell
I dunno if he still is. His bullets were very good
A google search will find all kinds of internet sellers

Replied by Dusty Boddams on 11/17/2016:

Norm Purcella builds a great bullet. Reasonable price and quick to deliver. In addition to 30 cal .310 and .313 he is now making a 8mm sized .323 or .325 that weighs about 168 grain it's hytek coated and gas checked. He just started making these and sent me some. I'm sold, I didn't know my 8mm's could shoot that well. I don't work for him or sell bullets but I am an enthusiastic user of his products. His phone number is 575-625-2825

Dusty Boddams

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Re: Cast Bullet Source ? from Old site 2016

#2 Post by Kurt » Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:49 pm

Are you aware of this company? http://www.moyerscastbullets.com/rifle.html

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