Cast bullet update in the 6.5 Jap rifle at long range

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Cast bullet update in the 6.5 Jap rifle at long range

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I have a new Lyman mold for the 6.5 bullet in 140 grains ( 150 grains with lube and gas check) round nose. It is cast at .266 and sized/lubed at that diameter out of wheel weights. While not the LEE Cruse Missile, it is still a long bullet.
I had been adjusting my loads around using two powders that showed great promise. AA 5744 and IMR 7383 ( .50 Spotting Powder).
I seat the bullet to just miss the origin of the rifling with no crimp. Since the bullet is a little larger than the factory ammo you will need to cam the bolt shut a little upon loading into the chamber. No big deal as pressures are below normal.
I loaded up 18.5 grains of 5744 ( no filler used) and 33 grains of IMR-7383.
At the range yesterday I started at 200 meters and moved out to 300 and 500 to see how well the load would work.
With the sight folded flat, the load shot 10" high of center at 200 meters. A six o'clock hold placed them dead center.
At 300 meters the sight was flipped up and the adjustable sight raised all the way up reveling the lower sight notch. This shot two feet high but once again a 6 o'clock hold placed the rounds just north of center in the target.
At 200 and 300 meters "flight time" was very short. Close too,but not quite as fast as a jacketed load.
Groups were very good. The rifles sights are not known for extreme accuracy but you can hold them well onto the target.
500 meters was a real eye opened. I had raised the rear sight a full two notches from the bottom of the leaf thinking the bullet would have really dropped at this range. Not so.
I had to drop the adjustable leaf to the bottom and still hold under the target a little. My shots had been going over the 25 foot tall berm!
All targets were a 1/2 man silhouette AR500 plate.
Accuracy at 500 meters was 4 MOA in a 5 MPH cross wind. So which powder was better? Both shot close to the same point of aim. Velocity with the IMR-7383 had a slight edge and I think since it was a 100% case density loading performed a little better. Very clean burning with no leading. The AA5744 may have had an edge if I had used a Dacron tuff over the powder.
I had couple club members shoot the rifle and they too were able to hit the target at 500 meters with no problems. I'm very happy with these loads.
eight shots at 500 meters with IMR-7383 powder.
65 Jap at 500 meters cast bullets.jpg
65 Jap at 500 meters cast bullets.jpg (156.85 KiB) Viewed 3522 times
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