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Review Badace scope base for K31

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Review Badace scope base for K31

#1 Post by arky65 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:35 pm

Finally, got to shoot the K31 with the Badace scope base.
We are having and unusual cool spell for July so I thought I would go the the range and test this scope and loads.

The base installed without a hitch, followed the online video instructions.
Base is very well made, fit and finish are really better than I expected for the $$$, deflects brass well with out hitting the scope. the one i got is newer model with base machined to deflect brass

I shot 13 rounds and base is still solid

Rifle is a 1932 vintage K31

Rings Trinity Force
Scope is an older Leupold VARI-X III 3.5-10X40

Handload 1 for sight in at 25 yrds Winchester .284 brass, Wideners Match 168 gr, imr 4064 43.7 grs

took 4 rounds to get on the 3" dot first shot about 6" high and 1" right made adjustments till poi .5" low and .75" right of black dot in the center of the 3" dot. Good to go to 100yrds

Moved target to 100yrds 4 rounds to get it on the 3" dot first shot 4" high and centered above 3" dot adjusted down till poi clipped the 3" dot dead center 1.5" high good to go for next

Handload 2 for 100 yrds sight in Winchester .284 brass, Sierra 168 smk, imr 4064 43.7 grs

Put 3 rounds into one large hole, .75" right of black diamond in center of the dot.

I know 13 rounds ain't much of a test but it was what I had on hand. May do more shooting tomorrow.

So, loaded more rounds last night, went to range early am, shot 13 more to confirm yesterday's group. Scope base and rings still solid and shot a .65" inch 5 shot group with the 168 SMK's. The Wiedner 168's about 2 inch.

The one thing I noticed today, if you do not pull bolt back robustly the ejected case will not clear and fall back on top of the magazine. This requires you to drop the magazine to retrieve the spent case.

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