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Repairing Grip panel screw holes,

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Repairing Grip panel screw holes,

#1 Post by Candyman » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:48 am

Repairing Grip panel screw holes. This repair can be done on synthetic or wood grips.
Here is a set of Ruger MkI grips that the material under the screw heads have broken away and there is nothing left for the screws to hold.
You can see that lower hole on the panel on the right is missing material. the grip on the left is the same. By epoxying washers into the grips, you can save them.
You will need to counter sink the back of the grip a little bigger then the washer so that you will be able to line the holes up.
Place wax paper over the frame. Repair one side at a time.
Once you have the area around the holes counter sunk add your epoxy and then washer. Then set the panel in place and put your screws in. Be sure to wax the screws so that the epoxy wont stick to them. Adjust the grip to line it up and tape in place.
Once the epoxy has set you can remove the grip panel. You may need to do a little cleaning.
As you can see. this is a very easy repair.

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