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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

• No abusive posts -- these include attacks against individuals, their opinions, their statements, or attacks against SRF -- if you have a complaint against the way something is done or a decision that was stated, please raise it with a moderator. This rule is primarily for those controversial discussions where forum members tend to attack each other (what is commonly referred to as “flaming” or a “flame war). Such posts will not be tolerated once noticed by the moderators or once brought to our attention.

• This is a family-oriented forum. It is the property of Surplus Rifle Forum. Any user who becomes disruptive or a distraction to the forum community may be removed or have his/her posts edited. We at SRF believe in the entire constitution and are not fans of censorship. However, from time to time, posts may be deemed to be inappropriate for the forum for reasons detailed in this Terms of Service document and will be subject to editing or removal.

• This is a moderated forum. Any posts found to be in violation of these Terms of Service, in poor taste, condoning or admitting to illegal activity, off-topic posts or for any other reason deemed necessary by the moderators may be edited or removed. You may appeal the decision to edit or remove your post to any moderator, at which time the matter will be reviewed by the entire moderating staff. After appeal, the decision of the majority of the moderators is final. Any user who attempts to plead his/her case on the forum in any way, including new posts, personal emails or private messages to non-moderators, referencing the issue using avatars or signature lines, or any other communications regarding the issue may be subject to having their account suspended or removed. Reposting a deleted or edited post, or referring to a deleted post in another thread is not permitted. Removing or altering a moderator's edit is not permitted. Editing your own post in such a way as to make it appear that it was edited by a moderator is not permitted.

• If a user has had their account suspended or terminated, you will not be permitted to post statements attacking or defending the disciplined person or discuss the reasons why they were banned. Those reasons are between that person and the forums staff.

• No advertisements, including: no training advertisements, no businesses, no advertisements of other organizations regardless of their connection to SRF, except as noted below. While this is not intended to stifle conversation about "XYZ's surplus springs" it is intended to strictly prohibit blatant or regular advertisements. This is not a commercial advertisement arena, but legitimate discussions about products and services related to Firearms are encouraged in moderation. We will, however, permit a short plug or link for your business or organization in your signature line. You may also use an avatar with a logo of your business or organization provided it is tasteful, complies with the forum rules for image size, and is a business or organization related to the firearms industry. It is at SRF’s sole discretion if signature lines or avatars are in compliance with this rule. This rule does not apply to SRF Approved Forum Sponsors, see below for a separate rule set for Sponsors.

• Sponsors are allowed to make posts throughout SRF as long as their posts are on-topic and are not a blatant advertisement for their product or store. A user asking questions about a product and a Sponsor answering this question is encouraged. Answering this question and providing a link and/or pricing through the Sponsor is considered blatant advertisement. These advertisements are to be kept in Sponsor's subforum.

• Sponsors are also allowed to create two (2) threads in the Classifieds section of the site per month.

• No "document dumping" - Do not forward complete/fractional stories from other mailing list, other news sources, websites, etc. You MAY post a URL pointing to a story but you MUST include a brief description of the link and what someone will find if they go there. If you post just a URL and something in the subject, it will be deleted. Include details or don't post the URL.

• Constant negative contributions -- If you are a chronic negative contributor, you will be asked to reconsider posting to the list. Those who regularly post to antagonize other individuals, or contribute to a negative/hostile environment will be dealt with at our moderation staff's discretion.

• Posts containing vulgarities, nudity, partial nudity, or other obscene material or adult content are not permitted.

• Posted images may not depict graphic content such as, but not limited to, dead bodies, surgeries, severed limbs, excessive amounts of blood or other bodily fluids or emissions. Such images, used in a bona fide educational manner, may be linked to (displayed on another site) provided forum users are given notice as to the nature of the image. Images under this paragraph that are removed may be reposted as a link in accordance with the section.

• Repetitive messages, cross-posting, flooding, spamming, etc. is not permitted.

• Messages devoid of content, or containing very little content not contributing to the discussion (“me too”, “who cares”, “IBTL”, etc.) may be found to be in violation and removed.

• Messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts or describing illegal acts you’ve committed or intend to commit are expressly forbidden.

• Do not post partial or unclear subjects for posts (such as "Help", "I have a question", "This is weird", etc.) or questions that are split between the subject field and the body. This does not give enough information to the people who are reading the forums. The subject line of every post should fully disclose the author's intention. By following this request, everyone will have a better idea of what is being discussed in a specific thread without having to open it, and that is the true purpose of the subject field.

• Messages that are deceptive or misleading as to their true nature, whether or not the deception is intentional, are not permitted.

• DoS attacks, hacking, flooding, and all other related computer crimes will be dealt with immediately and in fullest cooperation with local and federal law enforcement. Also, posting copyrighted software, music, etc. is forbidden.

• Hate speech is not permitted. Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, religion, etc. are unacceptable.

• Messages containing public or private contact information are not allowed. We are aware that most of this information can be found online or a phone book - however, posts containing email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, credit card numbers, etc. are generally not allowed. An exception to this is any public contact information for a public official or government office.

• Every person is entitled to a single account on these forums unless that privilege has been revoked or denied due to violation of these rules. Creating a duplicate user, or more than one identity, is strictly prohibited and is means for being banned permanently from these forums without warning. If we conclude that we have reasonable cause to suspect a duplicate user exists we will terminate all accounts associated with the abuse at our discretion You may ask us to reconsider if you can prove to us that we've made a mistake. Repeat violations will be reported to the ISP and/or network/company/employer where the abuse originates.

• Any user listing, trading, or purchasing items are expected to abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws governing the offering, transfer, ownership and sale of firearms. It is the obligation of the user to know the law regarding such a sale, and to abide by the law as set forth. It is critical that users of the Surplus Rifle Forums use our service in a legal manner, consistent with standards of good citizenship. Any user found to be breaking laws in the use of our system will be expelled, and the proper authorities notified. SRF will cooperate with law enforcement in the prosecution of any individual suspected of breaking violating firearms law.

• Listing items for sale or trade which are illegal in the seller’s state is prohibited. Purchasing or trading for items with are illegal in the buyer’s state is prohibited. Surplus Rifle Forum may edit or remove any item it, in its sole and final discretion finds illegal, in violation of these terms and conditions, inappropriate, offensive, misleading, fraudulent, in poor taste or for any other reason.

• Failing to sell, trade, or purchase an item in an agreed to transaction may be grounds for your account on the forums being terminated.

• Any discussions directly relating to or debating political or religious topics are prohibited. These types of discussions have a track record of quickly becoming contentious and rarely contribute anything positive to this board. Your religious beliefs and opinions are your own, and they should stay that way here.

• Moderators of this forum reserve the right to make exceptions to any of these rules if deemed to be in the best interest of SRF or the forum community. Moderators may also decide to remove or edit a post for any reason not listed here if deemed to be in the best interest of SRF or the forum community.

• Forum users have the ability to report a post for moderator review using the button located in the header of the post. Posts are only to be reported that are clearly in violation of the forum rules, not because they may contain inaccurate information or statements you disagree with. This system is also not for making suggestions to the moderators.

• These rules and regulations are retroactive. Surplus Rifle Forum reserves the right to edit or change these rules and regulations at any time. Any changes may be designated as retroactive. Posts found retroactively in violation will be subject to editing or removal without any further action taken against the poster for said posts.


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