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Re: 85,000 plus M-1 Rifles are comming home!

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:14 pm
by 72 usmc
I bet about 60 % will be shot out dogs and the other 40% the CMP will have to rebuild or fix to bring them up to shootable condition. The CMP has got to pay for the shipping, packaging, and loading to get them here, then when they get to the CMP they got to cull out the good ones if any. I'd hate to see that shipping and handling bill for all those rifles. Then they got to Fix and rebuild, then headspace and measure/gauge them for categories. Stocks will be rotten I bet due to the climate and rain. They will grade more like Viet Nam weapons- that stinking rain takes its toll. So price is going to be fair to cover all the expense. I would lay money on the table that most are going to be like the recent beat Chinese T 53 (M44) Mosin dogs on the market- like they dug them up out of a pit, or found them in a leaking wood shack wear house. I do not think these will be in good conditioned like the Greek returned M1s of long ago. The Greeks took care of their firerarms. We shall see :shhh: :shhh:

I got nightmares of this being like another IMA Nepalese cache :think: :snooty:

I can no longer remember, but when Dunhams sports stores had M1 dog carbines at $500 in 2005-2007???? The Stocks almost fell off, bores were at 3 and 4 and I never found one that passed a field reject gauge. I think those Century, CAI marked, M1 carbine imports came from the Philippines??? Maybe Equador? Any old timers remember these dog carbines?

Re: 85,000 plus M-1 Rifles are comming home!

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:15 pm
by 72 usmc
So here is a tid bit see the new edition of SURPLUS Vintage & Classic Firearms, special edition 2018, Volume 81
how do you like this for condition of your next M1 :lol:
Read this article worth the price of the magazine.
You got to love those well stored Philippine rifles. Did someone say condition matters :violin: :think: :snooty: :shifty: :roll: