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Umarex Legends Winchester BB rifle

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:44 pm
by 72 usmc
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It is not offered in the US with the nice weathered finish. Kind of crazy. :(

So you want to play cowboy? How about the $200 Umarex, Legends CO2 lever action BB/pellet Winchester. It is a smooth bore, but can fire both BB or pellets and the shells eject. Ya Hoo :shhh: I just saw this at our local farm store. i opened the box and at first thought the stock was some kind of Chinese wood. Actually the stock is plastic. All you need is a cowboy hat :hand: Just about all stores have it Walmart, Fleet and Farm, Cabelas, Airgun Depot and Pyramid Air... if I can find one at a half price sale, I am tempted.

here it is with 81 reviews ... Rifle/4566

best video info see Airgun Detective ...

And the British cowboy- maybe stick to Robin Hood. :roll: both show the weathered finish.

part 1 ... un-part-1/
part 2 ... un-part-2/

Best part is you get to eject the cartridges in the grass and lose them at 6 for $10. Gold SAA is for the BB. And if you decide to shoot pellets, you need to buy 10 silver pellet cartridges, actually 12 at a cost of $20 so you can lose them too. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: