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800 yards with two semi-auto "Sniper" rifles

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800 yards with two semi-auto "Sniper" rifles

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:48 am

I'm holding a 800 yard match this month. Scope and Open sighted rifles.
I tried two of my rifles, both with original optics and my match loads,which in a PU or other bolt rifles shoot very well indeed.
First up is an original PSL.This is a very special rifle "brought into" this country by a friend who picked it up at the factory and had a left hand stock put on it for me. Knowing this is a Squad Marksman's rifle I was hoping it would do well. It shoots very well at 500 meters, I was only able to get three hits out of ten shots though at 800. As the barrel heated up the zero would wander. The missed shots were only inches off target,but not good enough for the match.
The 2ND rifle is an original SVT40 sniper. It has my Gas cup and Piston conversion I sold years ago to members here and elsewhere making it function well on the lower gas settings without the damage to the brass due to over-gassing the system.
The rifle does not shoot well at all at 800 yards. The stock to action fit problems inherent to the SVT40 really showed its ugly head. A boy with a sling-shot could have done better.
Back to my tried and true bolt guns with open sights.
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