Chassepot to FAMAS book

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Chassepot to FAMAS book

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Hello Everyone,

Anyone check out the Kickstarter campaign for Ian McCollum's book on French Service rifles?

Today is the last day for the Campaign.

I think it will be an awesome book! Pricey but I think worth it.

Here is link to the book: ... ref=e0g66x

Have a good one!

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Re: Chassepot to FAMAS book

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And the price of French rifles will go through the roof again...... I'll probably buy the book eventually.

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Re: Chassepot to FAMAS book

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A link that shows sections and price. A nice hefty price! Puts it out of reach for most people. I wonder if the picture quality and the paper & binding will be the quality of Mowbray Publishing? Or more like Collector Grade Books where quality can vary per book. The book is printed where? It says USA so maybe a nice binding that will be ok. A privately established publishing company.
Headstamp Publishing is a specialist publisher producing authoritative books on arms, munitions, and military history.
I Wonder about its quality, especially at that price. No dust jacket? How many corners were cut in the number of illustrations, charts font size? At least publish the table of contents page? Is it a coffee table book or serious scholars academic firearm reference utilizing primary French sources ? I would like to see the Reference section and Appendix. It seems like lots of advertising hype, a true scholars reference will sell itself on merit. It will be interesting what French reviewers say about the book.
Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016 is a reference guide for historians, shooters, and arms collectors alike, detailing the progression of French military rifles from the first paper-cartridge Chassepot rifles in 1866 through the FAMAS – the last military rifle to be made in France. This book is the first English-language work to comprehensively cover the subject, and includes all major models of French rifles:











Each chapter includes a history of the rifle’s development and its intended use, along with information concerning known variants, production numbers, markings, disassembly and mechanical operation, bayonets, and a history of deployment and combat use. French small arms have played a unique role in global firearms development, often ahead of the curve and always unique. Supported by world-class color photography and printed to the highest standards, Chassepot to FAMAS is not just a valuable reference tool but also a beautiful book worthy of any discerning library.
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Re: Chassepot to FAMAS book


Pricy as in, does this guy teach this stuff as a college course and require it as mandatory reading pricy? Isn't he the guy in "Forgotten Weapons"? I was just looking at his videos on the Lebel and MAS-36. He only charges $30 more for a signed copy, how generous. He must be going to the Pete Rose school of business.

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