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paper targets

Post by Ghoulardi »

I know that a lot of you, like myself, go to a shooting range. some shooting ranges, like mine, will only let you shoot at paper targets, and not things like plastic bottles, bowling pins and other junk to shoot at.

paper targets are not cheap, they are pricey for something that will just end up in the trash after you get done putting holes in it. and those SHOOT-N-SEE stickers are even more expensive. some of you guys use paper plates, or print out your target on the computer. but here is what I have found that is the cheapest of all paper targets.

I go to garage sales and find brand new rolls of wallpaper for a buck or two. I found the best area to find these in brand new subdivisions they built during the height of the housing boom, they either bought too much wallpaper rolls, or the wife change their minds on the pattern and they she is selling them for next to nothing.

get a piece of cardboard and cut out a man stencil, or anything you fancy. I like the man targets because that is what I've been use to shoot at in the Army. then unroll the wallpaper white side up down your drive way, parking area etc..... and just spray paint the stencil on it. I got 31 targets from a new roll of wallpaper.

then it's a matter of just taking the roll to the range cut a target from it, staple/tape it to the stand. now when you throw it away after your done you're not throwing away a lot of money. BTW, the paint I use to paint the target got that at a garage sale as well, for like 25 cents a can

so for those that can only use paper targets on your shooting range what do you guys use?


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Re: paper targets

Post by Ozzman »

99% of the time, I shoot at steel targets at various distances in the desert.
The audible "ding" is all I need to confirm a hit.

I only shoot at paper targets when I sight in.
As an Engineer I have access to CAD software and I make my own targets on both 11x17 or 8.5x11.
I use recycled paper thus it's almost completely free.

Here is a target I use for a 100 yard zero, with a scope with 1/4" per 100 yd turret.
100 yd scope sight in target 025 in clicks.pdf
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Re: paper targets

Post by BigMau »

I go to the dollar store and purchase a bulk pack of paper picnic plates then draw an 1nch dia. dot in the center. I aim for the dot and my goal is to put all shots on the plate ASAP.
Seems to work well for pistols!! I use the giant paper targets for rifle shooting... just like above post.
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