DIY Cheap Rifle Storage Rods

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DIY Cheap Rifle Storage Rods

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So over the Christmas holiday, I was helping a friend who is building a walk in 300+ gun safe for his new house. So he is trying to make his guns fit this safe that he has designed. We taped out the safe size on the floor, try to make the guns fit and there is not enough room. So I tell him about those gun rods and how they can really add room to his safe. Now this guy is card.. He will drop 1000 on a new gun like you or I would buy a bag of honey roasted peanuts at the gas station, but he flips over paying 3 dollars or so for a gun rod..

So we started looking and there are a couple of guys who do some pretty nice DYI gun rods.. Now these are not everything for everyone.. But you can mix them up for some good ideas
and the costs are pretty cheap...

These are kinda neat, the pistol storage part has a little to be desired..

This guy's design is cheap to make, but those wood disks he made can be purchased ready made at craft stores.

So we made a few test hybrid rods using the design from these 2 youtubes and they worked pretty well and at less than 50 cents each... and he is saving over 2 bucks a rod over store bought.

Now no lie here, so the guy runs the numbers in his head "thats a savings of over $600". So he purchase a $700 rifle off gunbroker that night..

So where as he is back in the hole on overall costs for the night. He does own a really nice Enfield now.

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