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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:04 pm

https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/abo ... -DFRC.html

This principle is exactly, EXACTLY, the same as with Wasp Waist Bullets...in the same speed ranges as the aircraft. Note the comment in ‘From sketch to test’, 3rd paragraph down. I don't think that it would much of a problem to make swagging die to do this to some regular bullets.

And let me beat a ‘Dead horse’. I see it all of the time where someone will say that ‘Fire lapping will not always be beneficial’. And therefore, and therefore...inevitably some, ‘MANY’ will think that this should be proof that maybe Fire Lapping isn’t always a good thing...and so parrot this idea. Remember if a lie is repeated often enough it will become the truth. I say so much bunk. The real thing, I think, that is happening is that some one will do their ‘FIRE LAPPING’ of course their way, and then see that they may have lost accuracy compared to that of before. OH, FIRE LAPPING NOT GOOD...I LOST MY ACCURACY...Without giving one thought that probable this should be expected. After any good fire lapping one has a different barrel to shoot through. And they forget or really did not realize that in the first place, a new loading would be required to shoot properly with this ‘new’ barrel. They just think that the gun shot okay before and now it doesn’t...it must be because of their ‘fire lapping’. I say that this is just a matter of not having the experience in reloading and ‘shooting’ and just listening to others...the wrong others. This again is just ‘my opinion’ and I see no evidence based on feedback that this is accepted by others, okay. I feel that I learn something new every day. Why so many will not realize that a reloading manual is mainly for safety and ‘NOT’ for accuracy...safety of pressures, I don’t know.

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