Webley mk VI function question

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Webley mk VI function question

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Just acquired a 1918 Webley MK VI. I completely dis-assembled it. cleaned it part by part, oiled it and re-assembled it today.

I noticed something a little odd that I'm not used to seeing with other revolvers. When cocking the pistol for single action, I notice the cylinder chamber is not quite aligned with the barrel when the hammer is at full cock. It under-rotates slightly. But when the trigger is pulled the cylinder quickly rotates into alignment as the hammer falls. On double action the cylinder chamber and barrel line up fine.

Is that the normal function for a Webley?

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Re: Webley mk VI function question

Post by RWS »

Yep, completely normal. Cock the (unloaded) gun, pull the trigger while easing the hammer down and retain rearward pressure on the trigger. There should be zero rotational play in the cylinder if your Webley is in-spec.

On Webleys that have seen a high round count a little play is acceptable, to the extent that it's still safe to fire, but zero play with the trigger back and the hammer down is how they came from the factory.

When the hammer is down and the trigger is forward, a good bit of rotational cylinder movement or slop will be noticed but with the hammer down and the trigger back it should all go away.


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