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Iver Johnson Safety hammerless 3rd Model

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Iver Johnson Safety hammerless 3rd Model

#1 Post by Airforce1 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:20 am

I just got a box of "stuff" given to me for "disposal" because the people were not allowed by law to have anything. In this box is a lot of reloading components and old ammo but there was a couple of parts guns in there. One is a back half of an open break shotgun of unknown origin (ground dug and too rusted). The other was this, an old 3rd Model Iver Johnson .38 revolver. It is in very tight good condition just the usual flakey nickel rusty finish. Unfortunately it is missing the cylinder assembly and one grip is broken. This is the tightest frames I have seen in a while and would like to find the missing parts to get her going again. Anyone have anything laying around to help? Thanks.
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