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Various Tokarev Models - Info & Disassembly Guides

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:09 am
by Zeliard
Here are some guides for the TT-33 and variations. Yes, they're all pretty much the same, but it's nice to see a guide for your particular model, isn't it? :)

Feel free to add more information as well as links for the ones I've left out, such as the Egyptian and North Korean models!


TT-33 General background plus variant list

TT-33 Disassembly


M57 Basic info and disassembly

M57 Slide Safety Disassembly


Note: Model numbers for commercial Chinese Tokarevs are far from absolute and there's a decent amount of confusion regarding them. This is exacerbated by the Chinese using different model designations for the same pistol, and importers and part suppliers using different designations. Packaging varied from plastic boxes to red cardboard to blue cardboard and more. As far as I know the model designation was determined by the phase of the moon and what color underwear the plant manager was wearing at the time.

In general there are three main types of single stack (8 round) Norinco Tokarevs, as determined by the magazine:

A) 7.62x25. Uses standard Tokarev magazines.
B) 9x19 with 7.62x25 magazine well and a spacer in the magazine.
C) 9x19 with 9x19mm and a spacer in the magazine well.

These are usually known as the Type 54-1, but are sometimes referred to as 213, 213A, 201, etc.

The other main model is the double stack (14 round), which is known as the 213A or 213B.

Then there are the ones with aftermarket .38 Super barrels! No separate designation for those, at least.

Marstar in Canada is selling the NP-17 & 201C. As far as I can tell, these are just single stack commercial models with a humpbacked grip similar to the Tokagypt, available in 9mm or 7.62x25. Not sure about the spacer configuration. The NP-17 is two-tone while the 201C is plain.

Type 54 General Information

Chinese Tokarevs General Information

Norinco 213 Info & Disassembly


TTC General Information

Century TTC Manual PDF

Re: Various Tokarev Models - Info & Disassembly Guides

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:38 pm
by Zeliard

48M Info & Parts Diagram


The Hungarian 48M was modified for the Egyptians and became the Tokagypt 58!

Tokagypt 58 Info

Tokagypt 58 & Commercial Variant Info

North Korea

According to one site ... istols.htm:

Type 68

Notes: This standard North Korean sidearm is a modified TT-33 Tokarev. Externally, the differences between the Type 68 and a Tokarev are merely cosmetic, but internally, the differences are considerable. The normal link system used to lower and raise the barrel ribs, has been replaced by cheaper and more reliable cams; the magazine catch has been moved to the heel of the grip; the firing pin is retained by a plate instead of a cross pin; and the slide stop has been replaced by a very robust catch instead of the fragile clip of the Tokarev. In fact, the Type 68 is internally more akin to the Browning Hi-Power than the Tokarev.
Type 68 Info

This guy found one at a pawn shop and paid $215 for it! Including the link because he took disassembly pictures.

Gunboards Thread with Images

Re: Various Tokarev Models - Info & Disassembly Guides

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:01 am
by butcharoot
Thanks for posting a great resource. Butch

Re: Various Tokarev Models - Info & Disassembly Guides

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:15 pm
by LavaTech
There is an exploded view available in my shared eBooks folder on mediafire for anyone interested

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Re: Various Tokarev Models - Info & Disassembly Guides

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:37 am
by Zeliard
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