MAKAROV loading assist tool

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MAKAROV loading assist tool

Post by Ghoulardi »

thought I would add this for the folks that own MAKAROVs, to help them in ease of loading the magazines

there are a few places on the net that is selling these loading assist tools to make loading the mags a lot easier where you don't have to push a round down on the front of the follower or the bullet and then slide the round back in the mags. or, as some do, use the tip of your thumb nail to push the last round slide hold open tab and drop the round in the mag. which is OK, but if you plan on shooting more then a couple of mags your thumb will hate you.

I've seen the prices what they want for this tool (8-12 dollars) and said to myself that is just nuts to pay for something that is just a hole in a piece of aluminum. so I went down to my basement (that is where all the magic happens) I had a thick plastic cutting board I got at a garage sale for a dollar, that I use to make a spacer for a few of my PPS 43 mags so the 9mm rounds won't slip to and fro when feeding in my 9mm PPS43 and cause jams.

10 minutes later I made my own MAKAROV loading assist tool. and this works like a champ. so for those of you that have MAKAROVS but hate to load them, here is a good "project" for you :)

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Re: MAKAROV loading assist tool

Post by gi jeaux »

Nice. Although I have never noticed that loading my Makarov magazines as being much of a chore, I think I will make one anyway. Thank.

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