1895 Nagant, TT-30, TT33 and Makarov
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Is one manufacturer of the 1895 revolvers more in demand than the other? I have two, and I'm trying to decide which to keep.

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Re: 1895

Post by RWS »

I assume you are referring to Tula and Ishevsk? In either case an original non-refurbished gun would be more desirable to a collector than a refurb. Assuming both are refurbs then early pre-Soviet Tulas are probably more in demand by collectors, and WW1 or WW2 collectors will want 1914-1918 or 1939-1945 dates, respectively. Otherwise, my opinion is that run-of-the-mill refurbs are all about the same. Other opinions may differ.

I'd keep the one that shot the best and/or had no problems with sticky extraction.


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Re: 1895

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The location of the import mark is actually more important as for value. Also the degree of sanding done to the referb is important. Does it have grind marks all over the metal? A bill board import mark over the pistol's Russian maker's mark and date is real bad news, or is it a bill board at least on the other side? The maker's mark is intact? Some specific markings are rare or rare dates that are hard to find also increase value. Also the clarity of the markings on the left- are they faint, sanded down or partially missing? An import mark on the lower barrel and a clean receiver with crisp Russian markings is best for a referb. Now, an actual WW II bring back lacking import markings with its original holster and possible bring back papers is best for top buck.
also see http://7.62x54r.net/MosinID/MosinRareNagant.htm
so correct parts, defaced markings, correct grip, Tula star, 1917, or an Imperial date, possible MO stamped double date, CCCP marked, great bore, single or double action, import marked or not, lots of factors to consider :think: :think:
I think most would rather have a Tula star and import mark on the lower barrel for they common ones. For me it would be a 1917 dated Nagant and no import marks.
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