M1895 Nagant, '32 Tula

1895 Nagant, TT-30, TT33 and Makarov
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M1895 Nagant, '32 Tula

Post by jaytex1969 »

Just recently snagged my first ever sealed can of Nagant ammo, so I dug the revolver out of the safe for a bit of sunlight.

I hemmed and hawed over getting one when they were common for $100, then they disappeared. About 2 years later, I scored this one face to face for about the same, so I feel fortunate. I did have to acquire the holster with tools separately, though.

It still has a receiver import stamp, but a "more reasonable" vertical run instead of ruining the original markings.

I've never fired this one but hope to remedy that soon.


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Re: M1895 Nagant, '32 Tula

Post by NorthMan »

Nice looking Nagant. Glad you found some ammo for it. Let us know how it performs at the range. Thanks.

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Re: M1895 Nagant, '32 Tula

Post by Polaris428 »

Wouldn't mind having one, but that'll probably never happen as I won't pay 2020 prices for it.

It does look like it should be slinging some lead, though.

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Re: M1895 Nagant, '32 Tula

Post by 72 usmc »

After my heart operation I could not go to the range for 6 mo. so I got a pellet versions to fire in the basement. A pellet Nagant revolver:
https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Gletcher ... Black/3746

Funny thing its about as strong as a real pistol using cheep Prvi ammo. Anemic little suckers. I also got a Webley pellet revolver and the bb 45 1911s for fun.

Pictures remain intact in this old post of some nice Nagants:
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