More Ballester & Sistema Information

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More Ballester & Sistema Information

Post by RWS »

There has been a small flurry of discussion of Ballester-Rigaud and Ballester-Molina pistols recently. Some forumites may be hearing about Ballester-Rigauds for the first time but they simply pre-date Ballester-Molinas in name only. The pistols themselves are mechanically identical. It is generally believed that Ballester-Rigauds were only made from 1938 through 1941. Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to "Ballester-Molina".

One interesting tidbit is that Rigauds were marked on the slide as "Cal. 45" but Molinas have a 11.25mm caliber designation. Same-same, of course. I don't know why, but I've noted that in my short life it has almost always been possible to find Ballester-Rigauds selling for less money than a Ballester-Molina in the same condition. Go figure. is an old web site that is no longer being updated but still a great source of some good information. When they were active they did "Historic Firearm of the Month" articles. Below is a link to their September, 1999 article on the Ballester-Molina pistol:

Cruffler also had a Historic Firearms Review section. In June, 2000 they did a review of a Sistema pistol with a .22 conversion unit that's also a good read:

- Bob

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Re: More Ballester & Sistema Information

Post by Patman1951 »

Thanks for the links. I just picked up a Ballester-Molina. I'll have to check them out.
It seems to have a better trigger than my 1911 just wish it didn't have the GI style sights.

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