Heads up on Yugo M57 pistols

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Heads up on Yugo M57 pistols

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J&G Sales are running the Yugo M57 for $199.99 and up plus shipping. Gettem while you can.

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Re: Heads up on Yugo M57 pistols

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These are the normal Yugo Tokarevs in original caliber. Expensive ammo. Not 9mm. Not the better batch with the Glock like trigger. Import mark is PW bill board on the side of the slide not on the frame grip. Apparently only one magazine and no mention of a holster. They have both C&R early ones and later date FFL ones. A fair price, but you see these at most gun shows with 2 mags & holster. Most buyers now desire/want the 9mm new version or the older 7.62x25, Glock like, trigger version of the Yugo Tokarev that Classic is selling. I do not see a run on these. I love Toks. Great shooters if the goofy safety actually functions. read the fine print:
Hand Select for nicer overall finish/condition, +$20., or to ensure a crest marking on slide, +$20.
https://www.jgsales.com/yugo-tokarev-m5 ... 84943.html

I read it more like $240 + $20-25 shipping + FFL transfer??? So you are beyond average gun show price in WI. Add $30 for an additional mag, and maybe $35 for a holster.... no thanks

I do remember the day when only one batch of these rare pistols will ever enter the US..., prices were $300+ & spare mags $75. Ya, I was an early sucker :lol:
There have been so many Yugo Toks, they must grow on trees. Ammo was 5 -8 cents, now it is 26- 50 cents a round stuff. :shhh: :doh:
However, I certainly trust J & G over Classic any day on a select pick.

Not a Czech pistol, a Yugo Comblock pistol. Mods might want to move the post over to Comblock?
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