Well, the board is either fixed, or it's going to run terribly. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. I'm at my technical limit right now.

7.65 French Long.

Les Révolvers et Pistolets de Militaires Français, Mle.1873, 1892, 1935, Unique, Ruby, et alia
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Re: 7.65 French Long.

#16 Post by butcharoot » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:20 am

Thanks for the info SWIHARTMARK. Butch

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Re: 7.65 French Long.

#17 Post by SWIHARTMARK » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:16 pm

Just got my order in from Starline today. The rim is a few thousands thicker than mine and the 1945 steel cases I pulled out. I fit the new stuff into my pistol with the barrel out then closed with a case in it and they fit a bit "snugger" than their predecessors. A few thousands can do that as I have numerous experiences with making slip fitted mating parts. I think they will work, I hope. If not, I can fix this right fast.

Anyways, it is time to order a Lee .32acp mould and perhaps look for a m1935S now. I'm going to put "Prussian Blue" on my Starline cases just to keep them separate from my own work. It was nice to pull out the pistol and see her again. I have no memory how she shot, but she cycled all my cases, which made me feel good.

Do post your experiences with this brass. The wider groove seems to be good thing. The wider rim, not so much.

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