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FN M1910/22 Yugoslav

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FN M1910/22 Yugoslav

#1 Post by M67 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:33 am

My FN M1910/22 Yugoslav contract- VOJNO DRŽAVNI.

I got this pistol as a gift from one lady in my village. Her father and my grandfather were together in a resistance Liberation Front committee in our village during WW2.
Her son is my friend and as a kids we used to play together. He showed 9 mm short (Browning or 32.ACP) cartridges. I was thinking that his grandpa has a Beretta M34. He could not show the pistol to us but I knew that he had a pistol for sure.
Years later, this lady asked me if I wanted a pistol. Sure, yes I told her. And I received this FN 10/22 pistol with horn grips and rare lanyard ring.
Thats the story. I was and I stil am very happy and thankful.

Later I add Yugoslav post war leather holster. It is the last one in the third row.
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