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Sauer WTM.28 Field Strip Instructions

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Sauer WTM.28 Field Strip Instructions

#1 Post by Zeliard » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:14 am

Originally posted by Kel236.

With a J. P. Sauer Model 1928 ("6.35.28" inscribed on the grips, and base of magazine) you have confirmed to be unloaded:

1) Pull the slide back 80-90% to the rear.
2) Ease the safety upwards, locking the slide back.
3) At the back of the pistol is a circular piece, just above the J. P. Sauer logo - pushing it in reveals it is supported by a compressed spring. Fully push it in, it will only compress a small distance.
4) Insert a tool into the central recess of that circular piece, and rotate counter clockwise. I used a small, flat, wrench. Take care not to damage the bluing of the pistol. I figured out this step by noticing small scratches on the bluing that looked like a flat head screwdriver may have been used in this area.
5) At the point it rotates approximately 45 degrees, that piece will release, and can be pulled back, away from the pistol.
6) At this stage I lowered the safety back to its upper "safe" position, and the slide can be removed by a combination of pulling back, and lifting upwards

From here all other removal of parts were elementary, one of which was held by a screw and obviously required a flat head screwdriver.
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