American Tactical MP 40 9mm reproduction

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American Tactical MP 40 9mm reproduction

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A review of the Reproduction MP 40 machine pistol can be found in the new special issue of Guns magazine FMG, SURPLUS: vintage & classic firearms , 2019, Volume 82 it is out on the mag racks and has an interesting write up by Frank Jardim, pp. 60-63, American Tactical's MP40P 9mm: A WUNDERBAR WEAPON. ... un-review/


A problematic reproduction. More comments and video U tube highlights here. ... 200#p17200

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.33.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.33.23 PM.png (540.5 KiB) Viewed 3249 times
Atlantic photo: source

The American Tactical MP 40 P, 9mm is made out of Zemak cast metal, not real German steel. This is the same alloy that the Umerax pellet and BB guns are made of. However, the barrel sleeve, hammer, bolt, magazine, and its weak springs are out of steel. The frame is a casting and its lacking the normal serial number locations , dirty birds, and other Nazi markings found on an original. It does have a good amount of unoriginal white paint markings.

I have found in my readings that there are four big concerns with this $600 reproduction of the German MP 40.
First, is the fact that the charging handle is designed to pull out of the bolt for the rifle take down. The problem is that the ball bearing spring the holds the detent ball in position that keeps the charging handle in place within the bolt is too weak. It has been reported in reviews that during the shooting of the firearm, the charging handle can work its way out and worse, if this is not noticed, it can totally fall out and become lost. Spare parts are not easily available. So as a remedy one has to obtain a stronger spring and replace the factory spring with a .45 auto hammer spring cut to fit. Maybe this problem will be addressed by GSG? This is a dog to fix see the video.

Second, the magazine wobbles within the frame/housing. This can cause a miss feed or jam if the shooter holds the magazine while shooting. Best to hold the machine pistol at the top portion of the mag housing, but then you can accidentally touch the mag release button that also has a very weak spring. This can cause the magazine to drop out or can cause the magazine to slightly release and loosen causing a miss feed. The remedy, the original weak magazine release spring needs to be replaced with a stronger spring— an easy fix.

Third, the screws and allen screws have a tendency to come lose. The are easily stripped, not what I would call hardened screws. To fix this, undo the screws. The allen screws on the sight and screws in the Zemak frame and plastic parts must have a drop of blue lock tight applied and retightened. Another easy fix.

Fourth, a major concern is the trigger and its amount of travel before the hammer drops.
The original GSG trigger bar is designed for slower shooting and more trigger movement/travel. The factory Al. bar has an oval attachment hole on one end. There is a fix. Atlantic Wall Company has a $93 kit that comes with a new stainless replacement trigger bar, front barrel nut that actually looks period correct, and an additional barrel nut with a restrictor for firing blanks during reenactments. The replacement trigger bar has two round holes that adjust for the play caused by the oval hole on the factory, cheep Al. trigger bar. Better yet, it just pops into place as a replacement and drastically reduces trigger play. It allows the rifle to be fired like a real machine piston in semi auto speed. A costly, but easy fix.

Next there are some other minor problems and concerns with this $600 reproduction. These include the following. The front sight wobble and moves a wee bit during shooting. But, this is not too much of a concern since its difficult to hold and shoot accurately anyway.

The magazine wobbles within its housing and if held by a person firing, the mags movement will cause a miss feed. Easy fix. Do not hold the magazine while firing. This can cause the next problem, accidentally hitting the mag release button causing the mag to drop. Opps!
Hence, replace the magazine release spring as stated above.

I feel the need to replace the barrel nut with a reproduction period correct nut from Atlantic at a cost of $28. Or you buy the MP 40 update kit at $93.

I do not like the lack of correct reproduced Nazi markings as found on the originals, and I do not like all the white paint brand names & warnings like found on most Umerax BB and pellet reproductions. It reminds me of the $200 Umerax MP40, a BB machine pistol. A close repro. but not really ideal.

I did not like the fact it comes with one magazine and no reproduction sling. Most everyone needs to buy extra $50 magazines and a $45 sling. The best reproduction slings are made by "At The Front" reenactment supply company:

I do not like the take down pin and its C keeper. This takes some time to clean and caution must be applied not to scratch the body during pin removal and assembly.

On the American tactical MP 40, other aspects need some attention; for example, the bolt has some sharp edges which need to be buffed for smooth movement. Likewise, the sharp corner edge on the charging handle slot needs to be rounded so the charging handle comes off fasted and easier with you hand. If you do not apply the modification to the ball detent on the bolt that holds the charging handle in place, always be sure to check that the handle is not working itself out during firing.
Another caution, some have reported that counter clockwise turning of the safety knob has caused it to come loose and stop functioning. See video. Always turn this SAFETY knob CLOCKWISE. You may also want to lessen the metal clatter and damage to the Zemak frame by applying a 1/8 neoprene rubber reenforced gasket to the rear of the frame. Most have reported light firing pin hits with the hammer. Some do modifications to their hammer. It is unknown how hard the hammer actually is. Is it a cheep steel like on pellet guns, or a quality steel that can take a beating? Its life span is unknown on this problematic reproduction. A UNDERBAR WEAPON-- doesn't sound too good for $600 + $35 shipping $45 FFL transfer, Atlantic kit $93, Magazines 2 at $100 and a nice quality reproduction sling at $55, some springs from the hardware store $10, and lots of ammo at $16 a box.$$$$$$$ :shifty: :doh: :think: :think: :arrow: :arrow: :character-oldtimer: :character-oldtimer:

:idea: I think, I will stick with the full auto with handle, BB version by Umerax at $200 shown below :doh: :doh: :think: :think: :snooty:
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.30.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.30.00 PM.png (141.72 KiB) Viewed 3249 times
Airgun Depot photo: source
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