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New C96 Owner

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:58 pm
by Pistoleiro
Hi all,
I am brand new to the world of guns and I am drawn to antiques.
I have acquired a Mauser C96 with a 5 digit an
The odd part is that many of the internals have at least part of that serial number but there are no numbers on the actual body of the gun. It does not even have any writing like what's on top of the receiver near the barrel, that 'waffenfabrik' series of
words I see on one side of most of the C96's.
The quality of the body seems good though.
Also, I cannot seem to load bullets in the method of placing the clip on top and shoving the bullets down, they get all jammed .
Any tips? Pics are below.

Take care

Re: New C96 Owner

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:05 pm
by garra
The serial on the 1930 model can be found on the rear of the barrel extension immediately behind the rear sight. They may also appear in different locations too. The left panel may or may not contain the Mauser banner. Found nothing indication whether the right side could be blank. The C96 was made for many foreign countries, so any other marks or symbols would be helpful in determining if this pistol was made for a country outside of Germany. I would list every mark you can find, please include the wording on the portion on the top of the barrel. Your serial would be helpful as the information I have has ranges for different countries. All the production records were destroyed at the end of WWII, so specifics can be sketchy.

As far as loading, make sure your stripper clip is seated fully in the groove and holding the bolt back, sometimes one has the pull the bolt back to insure it seats deep enough. I have had troubles sliding 10 rounds into the magazine too, sometimes had to make it in 2 trips of 5 rounds, leaving the clip in place and sliding the rounds down in smaller quantities.

Re: New C96 Owner

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:45 am
by Pistoleiro
Thanks for the response. I went shooting with the Mauser and found it to be extremely unreliable, I don’t think I got off 2rounds in a row without it either jamming or stove piping. Finally, I stopped shooting because the rounds no longer fully entered the chamber. I see no blockage but the roundsseem like they are too big for the chamber. I am using 7.63 rounds supposedly made for this gun. I tried 2brands and although they used to fit they no,longer do. They are Moscavide from Portugal for Century Arms (purchased in about 1980, and recently purchased or PRVI PARTIZAN items. I am puzzled as to why they quit fitting in the barrel.