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Armi San Marco Colt 1851 Navy

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Armi San Marco Colt 1851 Navy

#1 Post by ffuries » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:01 pm

I have a 1979 Armi San Marco which I believe to be a Colt 1851 Navy (36 cal). The previous ASM 1858 post suggested a load of 16-18 grains for the 36 cal. Would this be the best/safest recommended load for brass frame revolvers? Would like to shoot it, but dont want to mess it up or blow it up. Didn't feel it would be appropriate to post on the previous post.

I know it's a 36 cal, has an octagonal barrel, but lacks the Naval Battle Scene on the cylinder. So I'm assuming it's a Colt 1851 Navy. It hasn't been fired or rarely fired from what i can tell, no corrosion, no pitting, no scratches, no nothing, even the nipples look un-used. Dang thing is clean for having been made in 1979, got it for a $100.00 about a year or so ago.
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Re: Armi San Marco Colt 1851 Navy

#2 Post by les1234 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:26 am

The load you mentioned should be fine. You can't put enough real black powder in it to "blow it up", however, the brass frame isn't as strong as the steel ones, and can wear prematurely from constant heavy loads. I use the same measure for both my 1860 .44 and my 1851.36, about 22grains, but it's a steel frame one. You can lower the charge, as long as the rammer can seat the ball with some powder compression.

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