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Thinking of a Spiller and Burr.

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:31 am
by shoggoth80
So. As the title suggests, I'm seriously thinking of grabbing one of these. Black powder bug bites hard...and I like historical arms, even if replica. I've got an 1860 Colt Army I'm picking up this weekend. Steel framed Uberti.

I won an 1858 Remington brasser off Gun Broker that I'm also going to be sending out payment for (yes I know... Brass frame = softer loads). Armi San Marco. No signs of ratchet hammering on the back of the frame. Won it at a fairly modest price. I'll probably get a steel one too in the near future.

But they look so cool though. The Spiller and Burr seems particularly eye catching. Haven't read a lot of negatives about it, and the solid frame is a plus, even if it is brass. Price is marginally higher than an 1851 Navy brasser that I'm also liking the look of.

I admit that I may have a problem. Lol. Someone once told me on here ages ago before the old forum was lost that these were addictive. I can't remember whom, but he wasn't lying.