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Tulle M1840 musket

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:03 pm
by Surpcollector
Hi there, new guy here..have a musket (or was) I'd like the experts to look at. This example was brought out of an attic in Watkinsville Ga. As you can see, it has been altered into a possible hunting piece. Probably done after the War of Northern Aggression. I understand that the Union, not the Confederacy, imported and used a fair number of these, so I'm assuming this one may have been captured or found on the field somewhere.
What I'm curious about is two things..1, is there a possibility this gun has a Crimean War connection (used in that conflict then sold to the US) and 2, I'm very curious about the marking on the left of the barrel right along the woodline. It looks like an 'e' inside a wreath, and something else to the right of it. I have looked all over for this marking in books and on the net, however I cannot find anything like it.
Hope to hear some thoughts/opinions soon! Thanks in advance.