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value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:57 pm
by checkmate19
What are thoughts on the 49/56 rifle? I have one for sale and it seems to have no interest at all. It is also listed on cmp and has had a lot of views . I am not up on surplus rifles only US rifles but have fired this one and its a great shooter. I thought 650 shipped was a fair price from checking finished auctions on gunbroker. Am I way off base here or is it the time of year ? Thanks for any thoughts ,

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:10 am
by RWS
Original 7.5mm French or .308 conversion?

I have one in 7.5mm French that I have offered for sale in the past but the biggest stumbling block in my case seems to be the relative lack of available ammo, despite the fact that PRVI makes it. You just can't find it at WalMart, Academy, or your local gun shop so on-line ordering is the best option but not something everyone wants to do. If yours is 7.5 in mint or unissued condition a collector will likely pay over $1,000 for it because he doesn't intend to actually shoot it so the availability of ammo (or lack thereof) is no big deal. Mine is in VG condition and shoots well but the condition drops it out of the collector realm.

I have noted that knowledgeable shooters tend to shy away from the .308 conversions unless they are willing to tinker with them. These were converted by Century Arms for the most part and a lot of the conversions have reliability issues that can be mitigated but it takes a bit of technical knowledge that some buyers either don't have or don't want to fool with.

Then there's the fact that the gun market is currently really soft right now and there are just way too many guns chasing too few buyers. If the market rebounds then I think your $650 price is reasonable but at the moment I suspect you would have to accept $450-$500 in order to get it gone fairly quickly. Just my opinion. I'm hanging on to mine with the hope that the market will improve as I am trying to get down to a more manageable firearms inventory.


Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:42 am
by FamilyFirearms
If it isn't a Syrian contract gun and is matching, that isn't a horrible price. Here they still go in the 450 to 500 range with the accessories kits.

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:01 pm
by capt14k
There are multiple factors. $1,000 right now is highly unlikely. Only French MAS-49 Non Syrian Contracts (I don't believe there was a Syrian Contract 49/56) see those prices, or a MSE MAS-49/56. If it is original it will command more than a refurb. Most are refurb. Matching is a must with either. Prices have really fell off a cliff. Non matching refurb would be lucky to get $500. Matching and original $650 is a good price.

An example of how soft the market is right now. I have a Finnish 1939 M/28-30 all matching that sold for $700 2 months ago then the buyer flaked. Now I have it listed at $550 and nothing. I sold a much lesser condition bolt matching only M/28-30 covered in dried cosmoline for $650 in minutes, with seconds and thirds, just 6 months ago.

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Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:19 pm
by 72 usmc
In Wi at gun shows I'd say $400-500. Now if the kit remains intact then its worth some bucks to a collector, most kits and goodies are long separated from the rifle. Not many takers on French firearms. I just got a common Mas 36 for $85 at the last show. Ammo is expensive and if it's a Century monkey conversion to .308 it's really a dog. French stuff kind of holds its value, but has not increased over the years. Ten years ago mine cost $400, and that is about all I could get out of it. Like the French 1935 S and A autos no one wants them as shooters due to the lack of factory made .32 French long. 7.5 French is about $18 a box of 20 and shipping is around 1.50 a box if close to the source otherwise add $3 per box. So figure its 90 cents a pop to shoot. You can not go to the local store and buy French 7.5 ammo. The rifle is more for a collector that wants an intact, matching example to fill a hole on the want list. It is actually easier I think to sell a Mas 36, especially a pre WW II black paint pre arsenal rebuild. Just isn't that many French collectors at the shows. Less of the under 50 crowd are into surplus firearms. Few collect the cool French goodies. That's my :twocents-02cents:

Interestingly the 8th ed Peterson price guide lists a matching 7.5 version Mas 49/56 at mint/unissued $800, VG $600, Good $400, most that came into the US and have import marks were like new. The kit with the scope, sling, bayonet, firing pin and tools pouch, and the four mags with magazine pouches help get top buck at around $700- 900. Some remain unopened. I still have a Mas 36 Mummy wrapped, but that is only valued at $300-350.

Kits with goodies looked like this : photo off internet
mas49flunwrap.jpg_thumbnail0.jpg (323.22 KiB) Viewed 8773 times

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:00 pm
by 72 usmc
See this

Does yours have its goodies with it? Or is it a common shooter. Original 7.5 vs .308 CAI conversion also greatly effects the price. No collector wants a modified .308 dog. Few shooters want the problematic conversion unless its real, real cheep.

Here is an ancient post, but it has the SARCO ad with a picture of the kit that came with the rifle. ... -MAS-49-56
Different places offered different things in the kit: mine had 4 mags instead of 3 , 2 double magazine pouches, the rest was about what was pictured and it was $400 around 2004-2005. original 7.5. That was tax and transfer fee included.
the scope and case are key to any price over lets say $450. They seem to be really hard to find. I got $300 just for my scope. Most likely a dumb move, but that made my rifle cost only $100. And a matching rifle with bayonet, sling and night sight will sell easy at $300 when the time comes to dump it. For accuracy and a nice shooter I will take a Mas 36 all day long. Never did like that 49/56.

Consider this, you might want to use it as a trade item to get something you want or cuts its cost at a show and let the dealer worry about it. On some guns the book value is way off from what actual demand dictates at shows. Some dealers have $500 on 1935 French pistols and most do not even sell at $300 :roll: :doh: And how is a stinking $100 Arisaka worth $300-500 if its got a Mum is beyond me???? Take it to a few shows and see what the cash offers are, or what you can get in trade. Last week, I tried to get $300 on a VZ 24. I walked around the show for 4 hours and only had 5 offers at or near $150. I ended up trading even for a NATO .308 Israeli K98 dou 45. The guy had a crazy price $390 on it. In the end, we were both happy, he got a great clean shooter that headspaced for a cosmo encrusted rifle he did not to clean or want because it was .308, not 8mm. I wanted an example of a German marked receiver dou 45, K98 converted to .308. After cleaning the bore, it is like new, bolt matched, and no import mark-- shot it and it's a tack driver. :snooty: :shifty: :dance:
Petersons new 8th edition may be on the dreamer side, I think the 7th or 6th edition has more realistic prices. But I am old & cheep, it seems when you want to buy something they want an arm and leg . In contrast, when you want to sell something its low ball junk. And if you sell to a dealer, you are lucky if you can muster 50% of book value. Best to give to a younger individual that likes it or at a greatly reduced price to foster collecting in the younger group at shows especially if its a fellow vet.

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:55 pm
by mrrch
$85 for a MAS36 !!!
Wish I could them here at any sort of price.

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:06 pm
by checkmate19
Thanks for all the great info guys. The info about the accessories was interesting and helpful to me. I have sold the one I have for sale at 550 shipped . There were no takers at 650 and when dropped to 550 it sold right away with seconds called. I kept one for my collection and have enjoyed shooting it a few times.

Thanks again for all the help. Tom

Re: value and interest of 49/56

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:25 pm
by 72 usmc
Interesting facts on the Century monkey conversion .308 Mas 49/56 and the original caliber examples. some great info here with diagrams : ... =34&t=1074

see: wombat12
Good news-you can get your >308 MAS running with little work and treasure. A few areas overlooked by Century need to be addressed:

1)Recoil spring. For reasons unknown, the recoil spring was shortened. In conjunction with the shortened gas tube, the action of recoil is quite violent. The
recoil spring can be replaced with an original (new) spring available from Gunparts, Inc for $7.95.

2)Extractor. The extractor is set up for the 7.5 MAS round with a larger rim diameter than the 7.62N/.308. This is why the extractor tends to rip the rims off the .308 rounds. The extractor can be modified to provide a better grip on the .308 case:

File carefully, reinstall the extractor and test by placing the .308 under the extractor, visually inspect and give it a little shake. The .308 case should be held by the extractor.

3) Gas valve. As stated above, the gas system of the MAS49/56 is seriously over gassed for reliability under adverse conditions. Member Starmetal on offers an adjustable gas valve that is a simple replacement for the original for $38 shipped. I liked mine so well that I ordered one for my 7.5 version. I now don't bother shooters 25 feet down the shooting line!

If the above is more than you care to do, I've had several owners tell me that their problem rifles run great with steel case ammo. If you run into other problems, post them up and I'll be glad to help.