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.308 49/56 again

Les Fusils Semi-Automatiques Militaires Français, Mle.1917,MAS 44, 49, 49/56 et FAMAS
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.308 49/56 again

#1 Post by Vandervecken » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:14 pm

I purchaced both of my 49/56's in 2002. The first was in 7.5x54. A week later I saw one in .308 win. and bought it too. As many of you know the monkey converted .308's were 90% bummer. The 7.5 one ran perfectly. The .308 was ripping the rims off the brass from the start. And I thought the action upon firing was a lot more harsh than the 7.5. So over the past years I have fixed centuries monkeyisms. The list....polished the roughly reamed chamber - Replaced the clipped short recoil spring [what were they thinking !] - Installed a .308 modified extractor purchaced from an ad in shotgun news - Installed that great starmetal gas valve - and shimmed the ill fitting forestock and hand guard. She runs like a clock now. I added a K-Var scope mount and a Barska 30mm euro scope. Back then through another ad in the former shotgun news I got 2 - 20rd mags that are converted FAL mags I think. They function well anyway. I also have found out that the 7.5 mags work just fine in the .308. And in the .308 49/56 I run a load of 44.4 gr of IMR 4064 and a 150gr fmj with good accuracy. I am reluctant to load too "hot" of a load for this rifle. And that's all folks......

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Re: .308 49/56 again

#2 Post by jimthompson502002 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:10 pm

Great ideas!

I gave up on mine.

Had owned one apparently converted in France, sold it, and very stupidly figured the Century concoction would work similarly.


At about that time, the 7.5 brass became available at rational prices, and I even reloaded, for an article that ran in GUN WORLD, some Berdan-primed stuff. So I just dumped the Century mess.

Parenthetically, the old French round really responds nicely to handloading.

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Re: .308 49/56 again

#3 Post by RWS » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:53 am

Agreed. It costs no more to reload for 7.5 French than 7.62x51 and while with enough time and effort the Century Arms conversions can be made to work, the 7.5 round is very good in its own right with no rifle modifications required.


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