Hello from Southeast Idaho

New Members, introduce yourself and make yourself feel welcome.
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Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by Greyhawk »

Hello all! I stumbled across this forum today and decided to join. It looks to be a good source of information about these old rifles.

3 of the 5 rifles below were passed down through the family. I'm the 3rd, possibly the 4th generation to acquire these rifles. The Argentine and the Steyr are additions I made to the collection. I'm a glutton for punishment and seem to have a thing for vintage military rifles :D . I reload ammo for these, as well.

1903 Springfield Armory Model 1898 - .30-40 Krag. I don't know the history of this rifle, I just know it's been in the family a long time. It has a sporterized stock but the barrel is still full-length. It's numbers-matching and still has the original sling. I took it shooting once after fitting a scope to it with an S&K no-drill mount. The bolt is still in good shape and doesn't have any cracks yet.

1928 Winchester Model 12 - 12-gauge shotgun. Full choke barrel - I might swap it out later for an open or modified choke barrel, but I haven't fully decided yet. This is my bedside gun :twisted: .

1946 Winchester Model 70 - 7x57mm Mauser. This was my dad's favorite hunting rifle and it was given to him by his uncle. I haven't taken it shooting yet, but I will, someday. I think this might be a short-rifle variant of some kind (not a carbine) as the length doesn't match what I've read it should be - it's shorter. My dad knew this also, but he never knew why.

1891 Argentine Mauser - 7.65x53mm. Date of actual manufacture unknown. Numbers matching. This is one of the many sporterized rifles that flooded the market a while back and it is in great shape for its age - it still had some packing grease in the bolt assembly when I got it. My eyes aren't good enough to use the sights on this rifle so, I might look into fitting a scope on it at some point.

Steyr Mannlicher M95 - 8x50mmR. Date of actual manufacture unknown. I bought this recently at a gun show and got it for a song - mostly because it was incomplete, and the parts that were complete were cobbled into a random carbine bolt-action stock. It's an unconverted Hungarian long-rifle and am currently in the process of reconstructing it. I found a complete stock, with hardware, on Ebay and am waiting for it get here. I've also ordered another bolt assembly and an S&K scout-type scope mount for it (the rear ladder sight had been replaced with an Enfield peep ladder sight, at some point.) This is a reconstruction project, for shooting purposes, not a "restoration" - all the metal parts will be re-blued and the stock will be repaired and re-oiled. I've found what I need to reload ammo for this beast using the 250gr. round-nose bullets from Woodleigh, but it's probably going to be my most expensive reloading project yet.

So, there it is, my long-winded introduction. It's nice to find people with similar interests and I'm hoping to learn a lot here. Thanks for putting this forum out there.


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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by LEP »

Welcome. I have an unconverted M95 Budapest, myself. It's missing the sight slider, however. On a side note, my little brother lives on the Salmon river.

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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by Charles Lipscomb »

Welcome to the board. Have fun.
" The beatings will continue until morale improves."

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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by shoot4fun »

Welcome to the forum. Love those family heirloom guns!

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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by echo1 »

Welcome from Kali. I work seasonally in Pingree May through September. My son lives in CDL. PAX

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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by 1911Ron »

Welcome from Arizona!

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Re: Hello from Southeast Idaho

Post by OldRog »

Welcome from Wisconsin

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