Long Time, No See

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Long Time, No See

Post by Delta5 »

hey everyone,

Long time no see. Things sure have changed here lol

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Re: Long Time, No See

Post by vandle »

Welcome Back.

We all got a little older lol
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Re: Long Time, No See

Post by Pricate »

Welcome back to the forum. I too came back from a long stent. Seems like forever ago. Great thing is most of the knowledgeable folks are still here and can point you in the right direction. Welcome back and good luck with your collecting! 😉

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Re: Long Time, No See

Post by M67 »

Welcome from Slovenia!
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Re: Long Time, No See

Post by shoot4fun »

welcome back!

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Re: Long Time, No See

Post by TommyT »

Hi Rich! How the hell are ya? Burner and I were just talking about you.

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