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Directed here by someone on Gunbook

#1 Post by backbencher » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:45 pm

Down to 4 Mosins, couple of SKSs knocking around, picked up a No 4 @ the show cheap but CANNOT get the bottom screw out.

Also fiddle with Legos, have built several working AR rifle stocks and some 1911 grips outta em, currently working on a "Booker", a 26" smoothbore .22 LR semi-auto "firearm" that anyone will be able to build at home using parts off the internet - and the Kragle. Gotta have the Kragle.

Have a couple of .45 ACP HiPoints I've converted to 1911 mags w/ the ThingMeister mag catch.

Also dabble in ARs, built 3 for the kids last Christmas on consecutive serial # Sabre Defense marked Cav Arms Mk 2s. Pretty light receiver, and the strongest polymer lower out there.

CC a Glock 23 and my secondary is a SUB-2000. Looking to switch to 9x19mm this year. Occasionally OC the Lego-gripped 1911 for cognitive-dissonance purposes.

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