PSA regarding Cabelas and surplus

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PSA regarding Cabelas and surplus

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So i was looking at a local Cabelas in WI, for fun, as they're almost always overpriced. Anyways, i got to talking to a younger employee in the gun section who also collects milsurp firearms. We were bsing about the Swiss rifles Cabelas had and how they haven't offered much in surplus recently. He mentioned that Cabelas was into the recent SKS import and would have some on the shelf soon. This was about a month ago.

Fast forward to today, I visited a different Cabelas, the first I've visited since this conversation. They had a lone Norinco SKS displayed. It was in overall good condition eith all matching numbers. The price tag was 499.99. Not sure if it's coincidence or if they're leaking them on the shelves.

Wowza. The recent price of 330 has really changed clothes.

But if you want an SKS, they're possibly an option.

Once in a blue moon, they do have a trade in that they price very reasonably, either by accident or by lack of knowledge. I check them monthly.
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Re: PSA regarding Cabelas and surplus

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Prices are like twice that I see at gun shows since they have been sold to new owners. They do have a nice magazine rack. I can find some issues not seen at other stores. :doh:
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